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10 Drool-Worthy Apple Recipes For Fall

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away...Well, we'd like to think so. Even if it consists of ooey gooey goodness! One of the things we love most about apples is how versatile they can be when it comes to cooking and baking. Now that apple-picking season is here, we're super delighted to share these top 10 drool-worthy apple recipes with you. And no tree climbing required - we've done all of the picking for you.

Enjoy exquisite sweet treats like our Apple Cinnamon Sticky Buns topped with a creamy caramel icing, and Apple Streusel Muffins baked until golden perfection! Not to worry... we've got more than just sweet treats for you. We've got a colourful and flavourful Apple, Mango and Cranberry Coleslaw tossed in a tangy vinaigrette as well as scrumptious drinks like our Apple Pie Milkshake - a delicious blend of ice cream, graham crackers, apples and cinnamon.

You'll find these top 10 apple recipes extra a-peel-ing!

In the spirit of our apple-themed recipes, here are some fun-filled facts about apples:

1. Apples contain 0 grams of fat or sodium and have no cholesterol.

2. Apples are members of the rose family.

3. Apples are 25% air, which is why they float in water.

(And why they're a staple on every diet plan!)

4. Most of the antioxidants found in apples, including quercetin, are found in the skin.

5. Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.

  • 10 Drool-Worthy Apple Recipes for Fall
  • 1. Apple Caramel Crumble Cake
    This incredible dessert is a three-layered moist and chunky apple cake, slathered in a creamy frosting and topped with a sugary crumble. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 2. Apple Cinnamon Cobbler
    This old-fashioned dessert, a deep-dish inverted pie of sweet apples, cinnamon and buttery crust, is golden and delicious. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 3. Apple Cinnamon Sticky Buns with Caramel Icing
    Filled with sweet cinnamon apples and syrupy brown sugar, the tender buns are topped with a creamy caramel icing. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 4. Apple Pie Bars
    A fresh take on the American classic dessert, these Apple Pie Bars, with their buttery graham crust, luscious apple toffee filling and crunchy streusel, are perfectly portable, personal pies. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 5. Apple Pie Milkshake
    Like your apple pie a la mode? We do, and that's why we're wild for this creamy, dreamy Apple Pie Milkshake recipe, a blend of ice cream, graham crackers, apples and cinnamon. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 6. Apple Streusel Muffins
    These super-moist apple cinnamon muffins are delectable from the golden-crusted lid to the stray crumbs on my plate. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 7. Easy Apple Strawberry Crisp
    This Apple and Strawberry Crisp recipe is the best - not only does it serve up a delicious dessert of cinnamon apples and sweet strawberries tucked under a thick and extra-crunchy oat topping, but it also is the easiest, most foolproof dessert recipe around. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 8. Noodle Pudding with Caramelized Apples
    This dairy delight, this sweet, old-fashioned Noodle Pudding dotted with caramelized apples, is the best, the greatest, the one-and-only version that will kick all others' kugel to the curb. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 9. Caramel Apple Milkshake
    Perfect through a straw, this easy and delicious Caramel Apple Milkshake brings you all the sweet flavor, sans the sticky fingers. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 10. Apple, Mango and Cranberry Coleslaw
    Whip up this easy, colourful and tasty coleslaw, a crunchy combo of apples, mango, cranberries and spiced pecans. GET THE RECIPE HERE

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