01/02/2018 09:51 EST | Updated 01/02/2018 09:51 EST

10 Healthy Recipes To Kick Off The New Year

Before you despair, eating healthy doesn't have to mean tucking into a bowl of lettuce and sipping on mineral water.

The festive season is behind us now but if all that holiday indulging has left you vowing to eat healthier in the new year, you're in luck. We've rounded up our Top 10 Healthy Recipes to help you keep your resolutions and start the year off right.

Before you despair, eating healthy doesn't have to mean tucking into a bowl of lettuce and sipping on mineral water. We have lots of delicious and satisfying recipes that'll get you excited about sticking to your plan. So start prepping your shopping list - you're going to want to add these recipes to your roster!

Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl


This healthy and hearty Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl, a creative combo of protein-packed quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes and avocado, is drizzled with a maple dressing and topped with roasted almonds, an egg and leafy sprouts.

Healthy Green Tea Energy Smoothie


Whether you're looking for a healthy breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up, think green and get your glow on with this super healthy Green Tea Energy Smoothie, a delicious combination of green tea, spinach, avocado, bananas and apples.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Parsnip And Apple Soup


How do you pump up the flavor in your soup? Roast the vegetables, as evidenced in this extremely easy and tasty Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Apple Soup. The sweetness of the roasted potatoes and parsnips, combined with intense apple cider and mild shallots, creates a hearty and delicious soup that is guaranteed to deliver satisfying spoon after spoon.

Kale, Spinach And Quinoa Salad


Looking for the champion in the Super Bowl of Super Foods? This Kale, Spinach and Quinoa meal-in-a-bowl is a winner, a green bowl full of super nutritious and delicious stuff (including mango and avocado), tossed in a zesty lemon shallot dressing and topped with spiced walnuts and creamy goat cheese. Get cooking and give new meaning to Power Lunch!

White Bean, Spinach And Couscous Soup


This delicious and easy White Bean, Spinach and Couscous Soup recipe is an exotic spin on a Tuscan tradition, relying on leeks, the mild cousin of the onion, for their subtle flavor, creamy beans for their rich texture, and couscous, with a nutty taste, that makes every trip to the bowl delightful and surprising.

Healthy Berry Smoothie Bowl


You're 5 minutes away from the healthiest and easiest breakfast, this mega delicious Berry Smoothie Bowl.

Baked Kale Chips


Looking for a salty snack but want to keep it healthy? Reach for a bunch of kale and bake up these healthy and delicious Kale Chips.

Coconut Rice Bowl With Ginger and Tofu Slaw


We can't put down our chopsticks with this tasty number - with a delectable ginger peanut sauce, this Coconut Rice Bowl with Ginger and Tofu Slaw makes for a mouthwatering meal.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus With Spiced Pita Chips


This delicious dip is our go-to quick and easy snack. A few pulses in the food processor and you've got a creamy, garlicky, lemony blend of chickpeas, roasted red peppers, olive oil and spices. Paired with addictive baked pita chips – wedges seasoned with cumin and salt – it'll leave you supremely satisfied.

Banana Mango Smoothie Recipe


Looking for a sweet and delicious treat to curb your cravings? This deliciously frosty and fruity banana mango smoothie will quench your thirst while filling you with calcium and vitamins.