11/11/2016 09:08 EST | Updated 12/20/2016 01:52 EST

These Recipes Will Make You Proud To Be Canadian

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pancakes topped with maple syrup lie on autumn maple leaves


Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but we have a lot to be thankful for as Canadians right now. And what better way to embrace our feelings of National pride than by digging in to some delicious dishes that feature some of our country's favourite foods. From our love of bacon and sweet maple syrup, to gooey butter tarts and spicy caesars -- these truly Canadian recipes are a tasty way to celebrate our love for this great country we live in.

Maple and Brown Sugar Pancakes


Winters may be long, but Canadians know that the key to making it out the door is to start the day off with a warm and hearty breakfast. And what could be heartier and more Canadian than these Maple and Brown Sugar Pancakes? With this easy recipe you can whip up a batch of unbelievably amazing and perfectly fluffy pancakes that are guaranteed to have you flipping your lid! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Maple Balsamic Salad with Bacon-Roasted Pecans


If there's one thing that gives our love for Maple Syrup a run for its money, it's our love for bacon. Which is why we love this incredible Maple Balsamic Salad with Bacon-Roasted Pecans. Crisp romaine lettuce, tart pom seeds, crunchy apples and sweet pears are all tossed in a maple balsamic dressing and topped with homemade bacon-roasted pecans - what more could you ask for? GET THE RECIPE HERE

Mac and Cheese Cups with Buttery Bacon Crumble


Canadians take their Mac 'n' Cheese very seriously, and so do we. So we came up with these heartwarming and drool-worthy individual cups of comfort, brimming with old-fashioned cheddar and Swiss Mac 'n' Cheese. Topped with crumbly bacon, buttery crackers and Parmesan cheese, each cup is rich and delicious! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Gooey Butter Tart Squares


Butter Tarts are arguably one of the most Canadian desserts. And it's not hard to see why. This nut-free, Northern cousin of the pecan pie has a flaky pastry crust topped with a gooey combo of brown sugar and maple syrup. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Canadian Spicy Caesar Cocktail


What's more Canadian than cold beer? This classic Canadian Spicy Caesar Cocktail, the number one most popular drink from coast to coast. Like an amped up Bloody Mary, this Caesar is a refreshing, red-hot combo of Clamato, vodka, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Awesome, eh? GET THE RECIPE HERE

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