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What To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Ah October...the month of cooler weather and crazy costumes! We can't help but get super excited around the end of October because we know that Halloween is coming. One of the things we love most about this holiday is of course...the candy! (Definitely no shock factor there). But it seems no matter how many handfuls of it we give away that night it, so much seems to stay in our homes long after the Halloween decorations have been put away! So what do you do with your leftover Halloween candy?

We've come up with 10 creative and tasty recipes that will incorporate your goodies into lots of goodness. Why eat them straight out of the bucket when you can check these awesome recipes off your bucket list?

We know chocolate bars are a staple on Halloween, so we created the ultimate treat using Snickers! With creamy caramel, fluffy nougat, crunchy peanuts and chocolate, our Frosted Snickers Blondies will blow your mind. They are scary good!

If Mars Bars are more your thing, dive into these decadent Marshmallow & Mars Bar Cupcakes. Moist, chocolaty and infused with gooey marshmallow, you'll have a hard time stopping at just one.

And for those of you who like to indulge in a good drink, our popular M&M Milkshake is creamy, dreamy and oh so delicious.

For something just a bit more grown up, we've got a killer Candy Corn Martini. You will definitely want to take a sip or two...or three of this candy corn-infused vanilla vodka cocktail. Definitely not for the kids, but for the kid at heart!

Be sure to check out the rest of our tricks full of treats below!

  • 1. Candy Corn Martini
    1. Candy Corn Martini
    Eat candy corn? No thanks. Drink vodka and Grand Marnier martinis infused with candy corn? Absolutely! GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 2. Skittles Rainbow Layer Cake
    2. Skittles Rainbow Layer Cake
    Four sweet layers of brightly colored cake coated in a creamy vanilla icing and decorated with Skittles candy. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 3. Tootsie Roll Shot
    3. Tootsie Roll Shot
    Ogden Nash was right that candy's dandy but liquor's quicker, especially with this Tootsie Roll Shot! GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 4. Frosted Snickers Blondies
    4. Frosted Snickers Blondies
    Chunks of the creamy caramel, fluffy nougat and crunchy peanut chocolate bars are folded in to our luscious Blondie recipe and topped with a Vanilla Snickers frosting. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 5. Lemon Jelly Belly Milkshake
    5. Lemon Jelly Belly Milkshake
    You can have your candy and drink it too with this pucker-up Lemon Jelly Belly Milkshake, a combo of lemony sorbet, zest and curd blended with vanilla ice cream. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 6. Mini Heath Bar Cheesecake
    6. Mini Heath Bar Cheesecake
    These Mini Heath Bar Cheesecakes, easy to make and even easier to devour, may be small in size, but they deliver huge in taste. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 7. Pop Rocks Martini
    7. Pop Rocks Martini
    Get ready to light up your next party with this poppin' Pop Rocks Martini. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 8. Marshmallow & Mars Bar Cupcakes
    8. Marshmallow & Mars Bar Cupcakes
    Mars, a bar that has a good hard shell, a nice sweet center and exists in outer space. Earth-to-Mars, these infinity-and-beyond chocolate marshmallow cupcakes are for you. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 9. M&M Milkshake
    9. M&M Milkshake
    As if we needed it, this chocolaty, creamy and scrumptious M&M Milkshake is further proof that M&M's truly melt in your mouth. GET THE RECIPE HERE
  • 10. Rolo Milkshake
    10. Rolo Milkshake
    Shake, Rattle and Roll! This frosty Rolo Milkshake is the perfect way to shake things up, a delectable blend of creamy chocolate ice cream and chewy chocolate caramels. GET THE RECIPE HERE

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