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Angelina Chapin

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Angelina Chapin is a blogs editor at The Huffington Post and a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen. She has written for BuzzFeed, Maclean's and Maisonneuve and worked as a reporter for Canadian Business magazine.

Canada Is Great Because We Don't Brag About Being Great

For a country that's historically been known as a wallflower, the attention is long overdue. But we shouldn't become "braggadocious" and let our national ego inflate. In short: We shouldn't become American. Canada has become so popular internationally precisely because of its humility.
01/09/2017 10:07 EST
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images

CBC Needs To Get Rid Of 'Q,' Not Hire A New Host

CBC doesn't need a more experienced and dynamic host. It needs a new show. Regardless of who takes the reins, "q" will always be a reminder of the Ghomeshi's downfall. "Q" lowercase is the literal embodiment of how CBC management tried to minimize its Ghomeshi problem, but for listeners the show and its original host are inextricably linked.
08/22/2016 11:14 EDT

Schools Should Teach The Horrific Details Of Sexual Assault

One of the best ways to shape a young person's mentality is to elicit an emotional response. While this tactic has been expertly employed in public health campaigns, it's rarely applied to sexual education. When it comes to consent, we simply don't teach real-life, visceral examples that could lessen the number of teens who go on to commit these crimes.
08/08/2016 08:30 EDT
Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Trudeau Proves Parliament Is Still An Alpha Male's Show

Trudeau's behaviour reinforces the idea that male anger trumps patience and deliberation. These seemingly isolated incidents of aggression have a cumulative effect. They create an environment where men feel entitled to act on their base instincts, which can lead to more serious misdemeanours than an elbow nudge.
05/23/2016 11:34 EDT
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Sexism Is Driving Female Lawyers Out Of The Business

The most interesting part of American Crime Story, the TV series chronicling the O.J. Simpson trial, was the way it revealed how mid-90s views on race and gender shaped the outcome of this case. Throughout the trial, lead prosecutor Marcia Clark was a target for sexism. In 2016, female lawyers still deal with a lot of the same prejudice.
04/11/2016 10:43 EDT

The Ghomeshi Trial Changed Public Opinion About Victims of Sexual Assault

The decision today in the Ghomeshi case is a depressing read. But while it's important to acknowledge the uphill battle ahead, it's also important to look back on how far we've climbed since the Ghomeshi scandal first broke in 2014. In the span of two years, this case has shifted public opinion towards believing victims, which is a victory in itself.
03/24/2016 07:47 EDT

Don't Be Surprised if Jian Ghomeshi Walks

One of Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trials starts on Monday, but those expecting a conviction may very well be disappointed. Our country has some of the most progressive sex assault laws in the world, but those within the legal system often fail to properly implement them.
02/01/2016 09:20 EST
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How Quotas Help Solve Income Inequality

While income inequality is clearly a problem, it's strange to pit social issues that are clearly intertwined against one another. It would be great if HR departments had the capacity to eliminate poverty, but the most pragmatic way employers can fight inequality is to hire women and non-white people.
11/10/2015 02:55 EST
Canadian Press

'Women's Issues' Aren't Confined to Lefty Feminists

Lefties too often believe that right-wing women are not feminists. While it's true that on the whole the NDP, Liberal and Green Party platforms tout women's equality and protection from discrimination, not every policy is obviously more feminist than another. Had the Up for Debate event included a right-wing speaker, she would not have showed up in an apron. She would have argued how different values can still lead to equality. That kind of diverse political debate would have proved women aren't a special interest group; we represent the entire range of a political spectrum.
09/30/2015 10:38 EDT
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A Stupid Tweet Shouldn't Haunt Us Forever

Policymakers have recently sought to regulate the long shadow cast by social media slip-ups. In Europe and California, laws now exist that enable people to take digital erasers to their online activity, deleting stains we once considered permanent. But rather than empower individuals to purify their online personas, our culture needs to become more tolerant of a generation's habit to airs its flaws online.
09/02/2015 09:46 EDT
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White People, Stop Being Defensive About Privilege

Last Monday night, a downtown mural honouring Sandra Bland, the black woman who committed suicide in a Texas jail, was defaced with the phrase "All Lives Matter" and a white moustache. The "all lives" slogan and other ignorant mentalities about race are rooted in a dangerous rejection of white privilege. As it turns out, white people have a difficult time accepting that their skin colour grants them advantages that other ethnicities simply do not enjoy.
08/06/2015 08:55 EDT
Clodagh Kilcoyne via Getty Images

Dear America: Some Canadian Advice About Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in America last week and the gay community is finally on a collective honeymoon. While many celebrated at Pride festivals and on social media, the critics have already emerged. Canadians can offer some guidance. After all, 10 years ago this month, we became the fourth nation on Earth to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. If the U.S. looks to our example, it could learn a lot from Canada's fight for gay rights.
07/05/2015 11:54 EDT

Women Should Thank Tim Hunt and Gen. Tom Lawson For Their Sexist Comments

In recent weeks, working women have been stung hard by sexist soundbites from the mouths of British biochemist Tim Hunt and the Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson. It's tempting to feel progress has stalled and we should all just go back to smoking inside, we should applaud Hunt and Lawson for doing women a favour. Their stupid remarks have exposed an often overlooked mentality held by powerful men that fuels sexual harassment in the workplace.
06/22/2015 01:07 EDT