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Ara Ehamparam

Socialist-minded, serial entrepreneur looking to make a difference. Love food, tech, reading, movies and sports.

I am a socialist-minded, serial entrepreneur looking to make a difference. I am the co-founder of a number of techn companies including Lucova, Continyou Care. I love to eat and travel, usually I travel to be able to eat my way through a city. I also love technology, sports and reading.
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Why Sales And Dating Aren't So Different

Before I got into sales, I had a certain pre-conceived notion of what a successful salesperson looked like -- a loud, extroverted (and often annoying ) individual who is very pushy and in a rush to get their clients to sign off on documents they don't fully understand. But times have definitely changed, especially when it comes to sales in the startup space. Funny enough, when I reflect on my experiences on the sales side, I've noticed a number of similarities with dating.
03/18/2016 04:18 EDT