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Arlene Adamson

CEO, Silvera for Seniors, non-profit org which provides homes to over 1500 lower-income seniors; Board, Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing Association

Arlene Adamson is the CEO of Silvera for Seniors, which provides safe and affordable accommodation and support services to over 1,600 lower-income Calgary seniors.

Facebook Bigotry Reveals our Lack of Compassion for the Elderly

"Anyone over age 69 should face a firing squad." This was just one of the many Facebook comments ridiculing the elderly cited in a recent Yale University study that reveals extensive bigotry and discrimination leveled at older adults on the popular social networking site.
04/23/2013 05:16 EDT

10 Ways to Help Seniors in 2013

Many of us set out our resolutions for the new year. But seniors often live in the moment, and so resolutions are less pressing for them. Instead of new year's resolutions for seniors, here's a list of top 10 resolutions for how we can help our senior population in 2013.
01/10/2013 12:15 EST

Santa, Don't Forget About Struggling Seniors

Santa is a senior. My guess is he never had a defined benefit pension and needs the extra cash. He knows that although Canada has made great strides in eliminating seniors' poverty, too many of our older adults still live a low-income lifestyle, especially in major urban centres where costs of living are high. This Christmas season, I urge you to remember and reach out to the elders in your life.
12/06/2012 05:19 EST

This Alberta Election, the Senior Vote Is Golden

Routinely, three out of four Alberta seniors can be counted on to vote in municipal, provincial and federal elections. Over the next 25 years, the population of Alberta seniors is set to double. In other words, the provincial election in Alberta will come down to seniors' issues.
04/18/2012 11:43 EDT