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Awna Besan

Street Team Outreach Coordinator at

Awna is the Street Team Outreach Coordinator at Currently a senior level student of Rhetoric, Dialogue, and Sociology at Simon Fraser University, she also enjoys pursuing and growing her passion for community engagement and social justice issues.

Stop Paying Broadband Prices for Dial-Up Service in Rural Canada

While it's no longer shocking to most that Canadians pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst cell phone service in the industrialized world, what's often less talked about is the internal disparity in pricing and service provision between varying communities within Canada.
08/27/2013 05:41 EDT

Hey, TPP Lobbyists: The Internet Belongs to All of Us

The negotiators plotting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) think that by keeping their antics secret, they can trap countries into pushing through a damaging Internet restriction agreement without our approval. What they're forgetting is that the Internet belongs to all of us -- not just 600 unelected lobbyists.
07/31/2013 05:35 EDT