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Cait Flanders

Personal finance blogger

Cait Flanders is a freelance writer and editor in Canada. She is passionate about helping others align their budgets with their goals and values, and overcome consumerism tendencies. To read more by Cait, visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.
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You Weren't Born To Pay Off Debt And Die

What you don't have to do forever is live with debt. You don't have to spend every month calculating how much you can afford to put towards debt repayment, while continuing to use credit, and staying in the never-ending cycle of borrowing money and trying to pay it back. It's not an easy cycle to get out of; I know that firsthand.
04/14/2016 03:24 EDT
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What Would You Buy If You Had an Extra $50? $500? $5,000?

Do you have a list of savings goals you're currently working towards? A running list of things you actually need to buy? Or were your answers impulsive - full of wants that would satisfy you in this moment rather than needs that could help you for awhile? The question sounds innocent enough. But the question is everything that's wrong with the money mindsets being instilled in us.
06/10/2015 06:10 EDT

How to Make Peace with Your Financial Situation

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious about your financial goals, take those breaths and just accept where you are. In finally accepting my own financial situation for what it is in this exact moment, I also aim to remove all the guilt from mistakes I made in the past and just move forward from where I am right now. I hope some of you can do the same.
10/29/2014 08:11 EDT
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What a Year of Being Debt-Free Has Taught Me

While I know I'm on the right track with my finances, I'd be lying if I said staying out of debt has been easy. In fact, it's been a bigger challenge than I ever could've imagined. But that's just one of the lessons I've learned since making my final payment. Here's what a year of being debt-free has taught me.
08/10/2014 11:51 EDT
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The Only Motivational Blog Post You Need to Read

Last year, I'd planned to train for and run in my first half marathon, but a car accident one month before put an end to that. This year, I want to do something big. Maybe I'll start a side business. Or write a book. Who knows. But the point of this post is simple: over the last few years, I have changed my life.
05/10/2014 07:15 EDT

Time to Get Up Close and Personal...With Your Finances

As I try to change my own views on money, I thought I'd share some of the insights that have helped me create a more positive relationship with it. In my experience so far, it can be as simple as switching your thought patterns, so you see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. Here are a few examples.
03/18/2014 05:28 EDT
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Date a Personal Finance Blogger

Date a female personal finance blogger. Date a girl who understands the value of a dollar as well as the emotional power money has over us all. Date a girl who lists personal finance experts and bloggers as her heroes and who wants to become that same hero in her own family.
02/27/2014 05:36 EST
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What I'd Tell My 20-Year-Old Self About Managing Money

Today, I'm the girl who is up before 6am to start her crazy, workaholic routine. I'm a perfectionist -- scared to submit any piece of work that isn't up to my ridiculously high standards -- and those are just the changes I've made in school/my career. As for my finances back then, I'm sure you can imagine what that looked like.
02/05/2014 05:12 EST