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Canada Running Series

Canada's Premier Running Series

Canada Running Series is Canada's premier running series, with 8 races across Canada in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Our mission is building community through running.

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Canada Running Series

6 Tips To Keep You Out Of Trouble On Race Day

You've put in all the work -- weeks of uninterrupted training, the long runs, the speed sessions and those hard workouts in the pouring rain -- all to have it unravel at the last minute due to injury or a cramp mid-race. Unfortunately, this can be an all too common scenario afflicting even the most experienced runners.
03/15/2016 05:59 EDT
C/O Rachel Clff

A Solid Recovery Routine Is A Runner's Secret Weapon

Do you find yourself squeezing in workouts around the rest of your life -- before work, during lunch breaks and in the evening? While your workouts are important, it is also critical to take your recovery seriously -- the little details have a bigger impact on your training quality than you might think.
03/09/2016 11:36 EST