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Charlie Angus

Charlie Angus is running for the Leadership of the New Democratic Party.


It's Time For A Road Map To A Renewable Future

Canadians want action on climate change they are frustrated by the inability of Canada to develop a credible path forward. For years, governments that have mouthed platitudes about reducing greenhouse gas emissions while making no credible efforts to meet our international obligations.
06/15/2017 02:20 EDT
Raul Rincon

It's Time To Talk Tax Fairness For Canada's Working Poor

One thing I have learned from my cross-Canada tour is that once you get outside of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Ottawa, it ain't sunny ways. More and more Canadians are feeling that the system is rigged against them. And one of the most disturbing economic indicators is the rising number of working poor.
05/08/2017 03:36 EDT
Charlie Angus

Fairness For Canadian Workers Means Clawing Back CEO Perks

In an age when other national governments are beginning to wrestle with the growing inequities in our global economies, Justin Trudeau has emerged as the ultimate trickle-down cheerleader. He believes that if you look after those at the top of the economic food chain everyone will somehow make do.
04/03/2017 04:27 EDT

Charlie Hunter's Long Journey Home From Residential School

On October 21, 1974, 13-year-old Charlie Hunter and his friends headed out to go skating on the lake beside St. Anne's Residential School in Fort Albany, Ontario. As they chased each other on the ice of the lake, a partially blind student Joseph Koostachin fell through into the cold water. Charlie came to his aid and pulled Joseph to safety. But in doing so, Charlie slipped under the ice.
10/21/2016 01:13 EDT

The Missing Boys Of St. Anne's Residential School

John Kioke told the boys in the dorm that he was going home. Like the other children, he had been taken from his parents the previous fall. Staying with his family hadn't been an option. If he hadn't been compliant the police would have been sent to forcibly take him away to St. Anne's Residential School in Fort Albany. But John Kioke was traumatized by life at the residential school. He wanted to see his mother. He was going to run away to see his parents in Attawapiskat. But their village was 100 kilometres north where the Attawapiskat River flowed into James Bay. He was only 14 years old.
12/16/2015 05:46 EST

Book Excerpt: Children of the Broken Treaty

The state of emergency was declared on Oct. 28, 2011, by Attawapiskat's new chief, Theresa Spence. I had known her through her work on council. She didn't strike me as a firebrand or overly political. She was worried that, as the arctic winter descended on the community, people in these makeshift quarters could die. Days turned into weeks, and the temperature kept dropping. Officials from the regional office of Aboriginal Affairs spoke with the community about advancing some money to repair some of the condemned houses, but there was no offer to help get the families out of the tents and shacks.
08/24/2015 08:20 EDT

The Tories Cannot Ignore the Supreme Court on Assisted Suicide

You don't ignore a mandate from the Supreme Court. But that seems to be the initial response from the Conservative government to the recent Carter decision on assisted suicide. The Supreme Court has given the government one year to draft legislation and yet after a short one-day debate in the House on the issue the Conservative response has been surprisingly laissez-faire. They have done nothing in response other than to have some back benchers complain that the court is being unreasonable and that the government needs more time.
03/15/2015 11:14 EDT
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Assisted Suicide Is on Canada's Radar, But What About Palliative Care?

Last week's Supreme Court decision has put the issue of assisted suicide square onto the government agenda. However, it would be a real loss for Canadians if Parliament does not look at the much broader issue of how we care for Canadians suffering from incurable illnesses. Over the last year I have had the fortune to meet with front line providers of palliative care across Canada. The question that needs to be asked is how can the Federal government respond to the spirit of the Supreme Court ruling unless it also deals with this patchwork of end of life services in this country?
02/09/2015 05:54 EST

Shockingly Low Literacy Rates Prove First Nations Kids Are Being Left Behind

Buried in a department performance report, we learned the shocking news of the failures of literacy and numeracy in First Nation schools. In the Ontario region, students who participated in provincial standardized testing in 2013-2014 ended up with an average literacy score of 21 per cent for boys and 32 per cent for girls. What are the results of educating children in a system that has been systematically underfunded for decades? Unless we are willing to break this cycle of underfunding and negligence, the question will need to be asked -- who will stand up to apologize to this generation of children who are being deliberately left behind?
11/14/2014 01:23 EST
Rebecca Emery via Getty Images

Why Canada Needs a Palliative Care Strategy

We have all lost a family member or loved one. How those loved ones were treated in their final days -- whether through a holistic palliative service or while waiting for a bed in an emergency unit -- profoundly impacts how we approach this issue. This past spring the Parliament of Canada supported the New Democrat Motion 456 on establishing a pan-Canadian palliative care strategy. Across this country, palliative care is being delivered in a patchwork manner. Some regions have wonderful palliative services while other regions make do with volunteerism and fragmented service options.
09/04/2014 08:33 EDT

"We Were Just Children Undergoing Torture...Nothing Has Changed"

Imagine what would happen if the Crown suppressed thousands of pages of police evidence from an important trial? It wouldn't take a legal expert to tell you there would be an immediate mistrial -- especially if the Crown also prepared a false evidence sheet that mislead the judges. And yet, this was done to the survivors of St. Anne's Residential School.
03/07/2014 06:01 EST

The Last Bomber Crew: Austria Remembers a Doomed Canadian Flight

Twenty-four-year-old pilot Wilfred DeMarco was badly wounded and ordered his crew to bail out. He tried to keep the plane steady while they escaped. Jack Cole, Art Shannon and Jack Speers managed to bail to safety. Soon after, DeMarco's plane exploded into the mountain.
01/31/2014 01:19 EST
Charlie Angus

The "Four Horses" Video Is a Portrait of Canada's Dark History

I came to the Qu'Appelle Valley for the filming of the video "Four Horses." It is a musical video project intended to shed light on this dark history. I thought I knew Canadian history. However, as I stood with guitar in hand on the grasslands I saw my country in a way I had never imagined. Not so long ago on these picturesque fields, Aboriginal children were suffering. This comes at a time when the Harper government are wrapping their political agenda in a revisionist history of redcoats, muskets and old white dudes decked out in muttonchops. Lost in this "Heritage Moment" notion of history are the voices of the Canadians who suffered so grievously when the treaties were broken.
12/08/2013 11:20 EST
Library and Archives of Canada

Our Government Is Re-Victimizing These Residential School Survivors

If you want to know why the Conservative government has lost so much goodwill on the residential school apology, look no further than the treatment of the survivors of St. Anne's Residential School. In the dark annals of the residential schools, St. Anne's stands out as a particularly brutal symbol of torture, shame and abuse. Unfortunately, the Federal government is re-victimizing the survivors by deliberately monkey-wrenching a process that was supposed to finally bring closure.
10/27/2013 11:43 EDT