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Clay Nikiforuk


Clay Nikiforuk is a recent Creative Writing graduate from UBC and lives in Montreal. She is currently writing her first book exploring and critiquing the sociology of sexual assault. When not reading, writing or getting into vehement debates with strangers, she is dancing, taking pictures, and an avid potluck-attendee. To help fund her book you can go to GoFundMe.
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I Was Detained and Interrogated at the Border for Carrying Condoms

What do you do when you're detained by powerful officials, everything you say is presumed deceptive, arbitrary "evidence" is held against you, and you're treated like a moral deviant? And what if its 2013, you're a woman, and the "evidence" is that you possess condoms? It happened three times in two weeks -- being detained by U.S. border officials on my way to or through the States. "I could have you charged with being a working girl! The proof is right here!" All I could do is shake my head. This can't be real.
04/19/2013 08:32 EDT