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Colin Todhunter

Independent Writer/Analyst

Colin Todhunter is an independent writer and former social policy researcher. He writes on food, agriculture, geopolitics and neoliberal globalization. His main area of concern involves how large corporations, especially transnational agribusiness, have captured key international and national institutions to undermine indigenous models of agriculture. Originally from the UK, Colin has spent many years in India where he has written for various publications, most notably the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald for 10 years.

Genetically Modified Crops' Entry Into India Based On Blatant Fraud

The case of genetically modified (GM) mustard in India has reached the Supreme Court. The government has said it will bow to the court's eventual ruling. That ruling could green-light GM mustard as first commercial GM food crop. If this goes ahead, there will be wide-ranging, devastating implications for Indian food and agriculture.
11/16/2016 11:50 EST
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Big Business Isn't Worried About Who Wins The U.S. Election

Who will be the winners and the losers in the coming U.S. presidential election? Trump or Clinton, Clinton or Trump? The mainstream media is consumed with personality politics. There will only be one winner: the interlocking directorate of financial, oil, military, media, agribusiness and pharmaceuticals interests that run the U.S.
11/07/2016 04:25 EST
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Militarism Or Gandhi: The Choice For Humanity

Mention Gandhi in certain circles and the response might be one of cynicism: his ideas are outdated and irrelevant in today's world. Yet Gandhi could see the future impact of large-scale industrialization in terms of the devastation of the environment, the destruction of ecology and the unsustainable plunder of natural resources.
10/24/2016 04:15 EDT
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Trump And Hillary Represent The Great American Soap Opera

Most U.S. voters seem to believe the lies being fed to them: A public that is encouraged to regard what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Libya as a disconnected array of events in need of Western intervention based on bogus notions of 'humanitarianism' or a 'war on terror', rather than the planned machinations of empire.
10/20/2016 12:49 EDT
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Seeds Of Occuption: India's Stockholm Syndrome

Occupation can take many forms. It does not necessarily imply a military presence or military domination. For example, in India right now, there is a drive to get genetically modified (GM) mustard sanctioned for commercial cultivation; this would be the first GM food crop to be grown in the country.
10/11/2016 02:13 EDT
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Food Production Must Serve Human Need, Not Corporate Greed

Across the globe healthy, sustainable agriculture has been uprooted and transformed to suit the profit margins of these transnational agribusiness concerns. If we continue to hand over the control of society's most important infrastructure -- food and agriculture -- to these wealthy private interests, what might the future look like? We don't need to imagine: We can see the effects right now.
09/27/2016 10:22 EDT
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Imagine A Farming Industry That Grows Food, Not Corporate Profit

Nyeleni (global congress for food sovereignty) produced The Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology. It advocated a model of food production radically opposed to the current corporate-controlled system. The declaration represents a challenge to transnational agribusiness. Rather than wanting to transform society and food and agriculture, these state-corporate interests require business as usual.
09/12/2016 10:57 EDT