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Corey Levine

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Corey Levine is a writer, commentator and human rights consultant who lives in Victoria, B.C.

Why I Asked The Green Party To Challenge The JNF's Charitable Status

I follow the Hedy Epstein school of Holocaust lessons: two wrongs do not make a right. It is why I decided to submit a resolution to the Green Party to revoke Revenue Canada's charitable status of the Jewish National Fund of Canada, and why I co-sponsored the resolution calling for the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israel until they end their occupation of Palestine.
08/08/2016 11:25 EDT
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Where Does Freedom of Speech End and Hate Speech Begin?

I couldn't help but puzzle over why it's called satire and freedom of expression to demean sacred tenets of the Muslim religion in cartoons on the cover of a magazine on the one hand, but an offensive Facebook posting mocking the Je Suis Charlie slogan by Dieudonné got him arrested on the other hand. As I was mulling over what all this meant, a friend challenged me, "when does freedom of expression end and hate speech begin?" It's an important question to ask in light of the events of last week.
01/15/2015 12:44 EST
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The Dirty Secret of International Forces in Afghanistan

While troop-contributing countries have been fed a steady diet of the excesses committed by the Taliban, many thousands of Afghan civilians have had to endure untold suffering through error, ignorance, negligence and over-reach of the international military forces sent in to create security and stability in the country.
08/13/2014 12:38 EDT
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Anti-Semitism Is Growing. Is Israel To Blame?

I grew up with the understanding that to be a Jew meant being on the side of justice. As a child, I watched my parents donate money to have trees planted in Israel in the name of their parents, who had survived the pogroms of Eastern Europe. From them I also learned the value of Tikkun Olam: "healing the world" in Hebrew -- that to help those who are suffering was an integral part of Judaism.
07/28/2014 01:24 EDT

"I Am a Jew. Stop Killing Babies in Gaza."

Shortly after Israel began its bombing campaign of Gaza last week, a fellow Jew emailed me a photo of a guy holding a large sign that read: "I am a Jew. Stop Killing Babies in Gaza." That photo has been burning a hole in my inbox ever since. I feel helpless in the face of all the carnage raining down on Gaza. I, too, want Israel to stop killing babies in Gaza. I want Israel to end its indiscriminate killing of all Palestinian civilians, full stop.
07/17/2014 12:34 EDT

How a Group of Incarcerated Men Taught Me Diet Discipline

I volunteer at a federal prison for men. Last week, instead of the usual circle with a facilitator, it was a "social." Some of the treats on offer had been bought at the prison shop, but inmates also brought desserts they had made. Naturally, conversation turned to the delectables on offer, especially the ones baked by the inmates. Most of the inmates refrained from indulging.
07/11/2014 12:40 EDT
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Canada Day Makes Me Feel Uneasy About My Citizenship

In case those of you who are Canadian-born and not just naturalized citizens are wiping your brow in relief and resting on your laurels, think again. Canadian-born and raised Deepan Budlakoti is facing deportation under the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act because of drug and gun offenses. It is not clear to where Mr. Budlakoti will be deported to since he was born here and has no ties to any other country.
07/01/2014 08:43 EDT