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Darcie Cameron

Contributing Editor, BlogHer

Darcie is a Community Moderator/Contributing Editor for BlogHer. She believes the best things in life are a warm cup of coffee, a crossword puzzle, and the sound of children’s laughter. You can always catch-up with her and daily musings on her website.

Time For Change; Violence And Aboriginal Women

Joshua Houle received a sentence of eight years for the stabbing and dismembering of Misty Ward over a year ago. The crime was a horrible act of violence in which Crown Prosecutor Robert Beck pointed out Houle warned Misty Ward "he had a history of waking up violently if he was startled awake." Misty Ward did nothing wrong but to merely attempt to arouse a friend from a deep slumber. It was in that one simple act her life was taken within the blink of an eye.
02/07/2013 03:32 EST

Someday I Will Be Home for Christmas

Will the people within in the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia support the idea of provinces merging for the betterment of their society? It is within the connection of cultural identity, history, and life which makes people leery of change.
12/03/2012 05:27 EST

What's The Rush, Edmonton? Don't Plow Down My Kids In The Crosswalk

It is when I'm standing with my kids in the middle of the crosswalk intersection waiting for the other side of cars to stop for us that I dream of owning a tomato gun. I could shoot at the car speeding by - obviously oblivious to the world - as they are busy picking their nose.
10/17/2012 03:04 EDT

The Fate Of Baby M

It is the role of parent to provide, protect, and nurture our children to grow to be thriving young citizens within the community. How can a parent of a two-year-old allegedly harm a child to the point that they are placed on life support? If they are proven guilty it demonstrates a lack of reason and for this no abusive parent should decide the next chapter of their child's life.
09/24/2012 07:41 EDT

Forget Hockey Players, These Are My Children's True Heroes

The Oilers might be my childrens' heroes, but hockey players do nothing for their education, at the end of the day. The true heroes are the school administrators, the TA's, and teachers who put in the time to give my children the best education.
09/19/2012 10:55 EDT