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Darin Barney

Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship, McGill University

Darin Barney is Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at McGill University.
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In Defense of Judith Butler

It is doubtful those who have denounced Butler so aggressively, and have protested against her honorary McGill degree so vehemently, have ever read a single piece of her scholarly work, or heard or read any of the published material in which she actually discusses her views on BDS and Israel.
05/28/2013 05:19 EDT
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The End of the Canadian Wheat Board: What's at Stake?

In its campaign against the Canadian Wheat Board's single desk system, the Conservative government has invoked the language of "choice," framing its intentions in terms of expanding farmers' options for marketing their produce. State intervention that forcibly undermines the CWB will accomplish exactly the opposite.
08/22/2011 01:51 EDT