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David Turner

Risk advisor to the renewable energy sector

Dave Turner is a risk advisor to the renewable energy sector, and has been political engaged for most of his life.
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Mayor Ford -- Don't Forget Who the Customer Is

There are thousands of commuters pouring into the city every day, and I suspect many of them would vie for public transit if it were accessible, reliable and seamless. But initiatives always seem to get shelved for the same reasons -- there's no funding, or one level of government points to another as the unwilling partner.
12/04/2011 12:53 EST
Geills M. Turner

John Turner -- Right Man, Wrong Time

Politics can be a cruel vocation. You can be the saviour one day, and then dead weight the next. Yet through it all my father drew his strength from family, faith and friends. He has travelled this country from coast to coast to coast, and can recall more names and faces across this great land that anyone I know.
11/03/2011 09:04 EDT