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Dina Vardouniotis

Accidental Banker | Data-Driven and Creative Marketer | Mom (not in that order)

Started my career in advertising, which led me to working in a MARCOM function at one of Canada's largest banks. From product management to marketing management to business development to relationship management, I've navigated an interested career path, including being self employed. Most recently, I worked for the Canadian division of one of the world's largest financial institutions that was acquired by a Canadian bank. My point of view comes from my unique career and personal experiences and my passion for supporting others in finding meaning in their work.
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Are You Career Hacking Or Job Slacking?

Your time is the biggest resource that you have. How you manage it, is the value you offer your organization. Being productive is important and this is often measured by management in the output you document in performance reviews. What doesn't get documented however is the way you achieved those results.
10/26/2016 12:13 EDT
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The Yin And Yang Of Managing Your Life And Work

The duality of the roles we play in our lives, as professionals and as moms, wives and daughters is something that most women accept. What we've rejected thankfully, is that we notion that we need to adopt masculine archetypes at the office and feminine personas at home to be successful in each respective domain.
05/09/2016 11:47 EDT

Here's What Great Business Leaders Have In Common

Post the industrial revolution, the complexity of larger organizations brought about a plethora of skills that business person needed to have -- finance, people leadership, sales, marketing, relationship management, just to name a few. The concept of business leadership evolved.
04/12/2016 01:27 EDT

How to Pursue Professional Happiness

Nobody would argue that each of us are deserving of happiness. Most parents, despite layering on other expectations including self-sufficiency, want their children to be happy. But does happiness just happen or is it, indeed a pursuit?
07/28/2015 05:31 EDT

How to Reset After Self-Doubt Paralyzes You

I started to blog for the Huffington Post last year after I told a friend casually that I love to write. After submitting a piece, they asked asked for a headshot and published my first blog almost im...
04/27/2015 12:40 EDT
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Anita Sarkeesian Proves We Still Need Feminism

Somewhere along the way, we lost track of what the feminist movement stands for and what it doesn't. Just this week, a prominent feminist media critic, Anita Sarkeesian, cancelled a speaking engagement at the University of Utah to talk about the portrayal of women in video games, under threat of a "Montreal Massacre style attack." Really ladies...are we out of the woods yet?
10/17/2014 05:31 EDT

What Successful Working Moms Really Talk About

The point is that working moms need a village to be successful. They need short-cuts and tips that make life easier. With precious little time at home, it's things like swifters and crockpots make a difference. If you don't have a support system that can help you find the things that can help you feel like a better mom, build one. It's worth it.
09/19/2014 11:19 EDT

Your Boss Has a Posse and You're Not In It!

Consistently, one of the top reasons that people leave their organizations is cited as their boss. Don't leave your relationship with your boss to chance. This is the most critical relationship you have in your workplace so spend time to think about the best strategies to build a productive working relationship that benefits you and most importantly your organization.
09/05/2014 03:59 EDT

Stop Complaining About Self-Entitled Millennials in the Workplace

So who are these self-entitled and demanding employees? They're your kids! As you struggle to keep up-to-date on the latest technological innovation and manage the relentless stream of news sound bites by the second, you also busy playing the role of your millennial kids' career coaches and life counsellors for fear that they might move back home. So where did you go wrong?
07/31/2014 09:51 EDT