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Drew Green

Co-Founder, CEO + Chairman,

In the fast evolving world of eCommerce, there is never a dull moment for SHOP.CA founder, CEO and chairman, Drew Green. The one-stop online shopping destination is the largest eCommerce site in Canada created by Canadians for Canadians. offers an unprecedented selection of millions of products across twenty-five different categories and is working to change and amplify the landscape of online shopping in Canada by providing consumers with a uniquely Canadian online shopping experience.

With a keen ear to the ground on all things digital, Drew offers insight into online shopping trends in Canada, as eCommerce continues to play a larger and more significant role in our everyday lives.

Social Media for Retailers: Instagram

If you follow me on Twitter, you're well aware that I am passionate about social media; it's part of what I do and an integral part of's success. One platform I highly recommend and believe holds a lot of potential for e-commerce is Instagram. Here are my top reasons to get in Instagram.
08/23/2013 05:22 EDT

What You Can Learn at the University of Social Media

"What do you want to do with your life?" It's a question that almost every young adult is faced with after graduating college or university. For some, the answer is simple: grad school, medical school, travel or volunteer. For many, the answer is unclear. With this in mind, young adults are asking: Do I need higher education?
07/20/2013 11:05 EDT

Five Tips to Succeed as a Business Leader

My journey has taken me everywhere, but one thing is for certain -- I always found myself doing what I wanted to do and more importantly, what I needed to do to get where I am. So, for those of you who are inspired to be a business leader or an entrepreneur, I leave you with some food for thought.
06/10/2013 05:24 EDT
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Social Media for Retailers: Pinterest-ing Retail Revolution

Pinterest may not claim Facebook-levels of users, but a few visionary retailers are using the hot social networking site to connect with their customers in a way that Facebook could only dream of. From Aritzia to eBay, Pinterest is offering the digital equivalent of window shopping for people around the world.
05/21/2013 12:34 EDT

Social Media for Retailers: Thumbs Up for Facebook

Interact, engage, and network. If you can't meet your customers face-to-face, meet them Facebook-to-Facebook. Start conversations, reply to comments, and keep your users engaged with organic content that best represents your brand.
05/05/2013 11:15 EDT

What Are the Benefits of Shopping Offline?

Online shopping and the eCommerce industry has been growing in popularity over the past few years. For those who have converted to online shopping, their number one reason for buying online will be convenience followed by product variety and availability. It makes me wonder; what about the offline shoppers?
04/07/2013 11:09 EDT

2013 Trends in Canadian Shopping Behaviour

In 2013 more consumers than ever before shifted their retail spending online. Not surprisingly, this coincided with a groundswell of interest and innovation occurring for ecommerce transactions in Canada. Canadian retailers are trying to reach out to the online Canadian consumer and get them spending their money in the Canadian economy.
03/25/2013 12:03 EDT
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Five Tips for Booking Online Vacations

Booking travel online is something that has been growing in popularity over the past decade. The convenience of browsing, researching and comparing flights or vacation packages online makes a tropical escape a reality. So, here are a handful of tips that can help with your online booking experience.
03/10/2013 10:52 EDT

The Five Types of Online Shoppers

As someone who works in the business of eCommerce, I have noticed some interesting online shopping trends that put the buying habits of the online consumer front and centre. More specifically, the online shopper often falls into different profile categories, a handful of which I'll outline below.
02/24/2013 11:09 EST

Online Shopping: Answers to Your Top Fears

As the founder and CEO of Canada's largest online shopping website, SHOP.CA, I've seen and heard it all, so let's take a look at the Top four fears and hesitations around online shopping and my advice to help ease some of those anxieties.
02/11/2013 12:58 EST