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Elvira Truglia

Communications, Public Engagement and Community Development Professional

Elvira Truglia is a Montreal writer and works in communications for social change, public engagement and community development.
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Health Care Must Do More To Address Environmental Sensitivities

Think a toxic injury that doesn't heal. If you are susceptible, exposure to small amounts of chemicals every day creates a "body burden" that impacts multiple biological systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory system, etc.). Typically, you don't detox very well, and repeated exposures can trigger the "on" switch in your brain, making you hypersensitive.
02/23/2016 12:36 EST
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Why Is Mexico on Canada's List of 'Safe Countries'?

Mexico's human rights crisis is staring Canada in the face. According to Amnesty International, there are six times more reported cases of torture and ill-treatment than a decade ago. The 43 disappeared in Ayontizapa are only a needle in the hay stack of more than 80,000 estimated dead and 26,000 disappeared in the last 8 years.
01/29/2015 05:15 EST

Charter Doublespeak Endorses Poverty Not Equality

The notion that equality between women and men will be served through banning religious symbols in the public service has so many ripped seams that even the best haute couture designer wouldn`t know w...
11/06/2013 06:49 EST
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Can Traditional Italian Families Survive in Modern Canada?

According to the latest Statistics Canada report on household demographics, the nuclear family is no longer the norm. But are Italians, one of the country's largest ethnic groups, rethinking family composition in step with other Canadians? If so, how do these changes interplay with cultural identity?
04/30/2013 05:21 EDT