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Emily Brydon

Former Olympic Skier, MBA alumna of Imperial College Business School, founder of the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation and Consultant at BP.

Emily Brydon is a former professional ski champion - having represented Canada at three Olympic Games. She is also an alumna of the MBA programme at Imperial College Business School in London, and founder of the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation.
Today, Emily is a Franchise Business Consultant at BP, working as part of BP’s Future Leaders Programme. She is based in San Francisco.

How I Went From Snowy Slopes To The Corporate Ladder

One of the hard realities of retiring so young from such a competitive industry is that your personal identity is often so intertwined with your professional personality that it's hard to separate the two. I found myself asking "who am I, if not the skier?" It was like starting from scratch.
06/21/2016 02:03 EDT