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Ethan Zuckerman

Director, Center for Civic Media at MIT

My name is Ethan Zuckerman. I direct the Center for Civic Media at MIT, and teach at MIT’s Media Lab. I’m the author of Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection, published by W. W. Norton in June 2013. I’m the co-founder of global blogging community Global Voices, and I work with social change nonprofit organizations around the world. I’m an alumnus of the Berkman Center at Harvard, Geekcorps and Tripod.
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Gawker, Crackstarter, and Crowdfunding Checkbook Journalism

More than one online commenter has asked whether Gawker will share revenue from pageviews with their donors if they are able to purchase the alleged Ford video. I'm more curious whether the donors will share the credit and the blame if crowdfunding checkbook journalism becomes the next big thing.
05/27/2013 09:42 EDT