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Eva Zatrak

Founder & CEO, Thistlecreek Health Care

Founder & CEO of Thistlecreek Health Care a private in home care company, providing care giving service for seniors since 1995. Founder & Admin of, a website designed to help family caregivers with useful articles to help them cope with mental, physical and emotional demands of caregiving.
My hobby and passion is to sincerely help people. I have a personal mission to provide informed support to families, caregivers, and individuals who need care.
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How to Be a Caregiver Without Losing Your Career

If you are currently transitioning from a full-time career to a full-time career and caregiving, you know how challenging it can be. Finding the right balance can seem near impossible, which leads to overwhelming levels of stress and concern. Family is priority but what about your career? The number of unpaid caregivers in Canada continues to rise, as more and more family members require care. As a caregiver, you know that your duties are a full-time role in itself.
06/05/2015 05:12 EDT
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Tips For Caregivers On Dealing With Grief and Loss

As there will be some special days that make it painful, you can plan ahead. If you have recently lost your father, than make sure you're with supportive individuals on his birthday, or on Father's Day. You will want to surround yourself with people who respect your grieving process. Make sure you accept the love and support of your friends and family members.
02/20/2015 05:37 EST
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Top Tips For Seniors To Avoid Getting the Flu

Individuals who have a chronic illness or are above the age of 65, should understand the importance of avoiding the flu. When you take the proper precautionary measures, you can avoid further complications. Unfortunately, fatalities are not uncommon within this population during flu season.
11/09/2014 06:27 EST

The Reliable Living Centre Is Making Dreams Come True

Many Canadians are in need of mobility options. I work in the community with a lot of seniors, but it is not strictly seniors that need assistance. With many individuals struggling within their own homes, it's refreshing to see the selection and level of innovation. Such is the newly opened the ReliAble Living Centre.
08/29/2014 03:52 EDT
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How To Listen Well

People would love to tell you more about themselves if we would only be open enough to listen properly. Listening effectively is a skill which is lost in today's society unless you are a trained counsellor. With a few tips and tricks, you too can learn to be an effective listener: you will be amazed at what you learn.
04/13/2014 10:46 EDT

5 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Elderly Parents

In today's world of fast paced communication, it is helpful to go back to basics and try to remember how our elders communicated back in the day. Communication is the critical factor in any good relationship and communicating effectively with the elderly can smooth many a rocky and frustrating relationship.
12/20/2013 05:18 EST

How to Help a Friend Who's Caring for an Aging Parent

Being a family caregiver, caring for an aging parent, is a tough assignment. It is one that many baby boomers are just beginning to encounter. Here are some suggestions for making a welcome difference in the lives of friends like these based on using your common sense with respect to your friend's needs and your own availability.
12/07/2013 11:40 EST
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How to Die With Dignity at Home

Most of us have the desire to end our days in the comfort of our own homes, but the reality is that more often than not, we will spend our last days in hospital or in a nursing home on palliative care. With this type of care, the only medical intervention provided is purely for comfort and pain relief. But palliative care doesn't end with the patient; it extends to their family, and the entire process of accepting what will be a peaceful, dignified death.
12/02/2013 12:36 EST