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Hillary Marshall

GTAA Vice President, Stakeholder Relations & Communications & proud co-chair of Partners in Project Green.

Hillary Marshall is the Vice President of Stakeholder Relations and Communications for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). She joined the GTAA in September of 2014, and specializes in strategic counsel on all aspects of communications including government and stakeholder relations, and crisis and issues management.
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How Eco-Minded Airports Are Keeping Up With Global Travel

The world of global travel is changing. It's becoming more accessible and affordable; some might even say it's a necessity. Experts predict that air travel will double by the mid-2030s. It's boosting our economies, creating access to opportunities in local, national and international markets, and fueling adventure like never before. But it's also impacting our planet.
04/20/2016 12:33 EDT
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Make The Journey As Exciting As The Destination

When it comes to travel, the majority of us are end-goal oriented. We rate our trips based on destination variables like the weather, the value of our dollar, the people, the food and the activities. Me? I'm a big believer in the journey -- the magical in-between when your trip has yet to be realized and everything still exists in your imagination.
01/07/2016 01:07 EST

Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About Airports

Departing and arriving from airports are a necessary part of anyone's travel itinerary. But what's becoming increasingly clear is that the days when airports existed solely to move us from point A to point B are long gone. Airports are a lot more than just a corridor to drag your stuff through, or a place to hang your hat for a few hours.
08/14/2015 12:07 EDT