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Ivey Business School

Founded in 1922, Ivey Business School is based at Western University in London, Ont., with learning centres in Toronto, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Known for its case teaching method and thought leadership, the school’s mission is “to develop business leaders who think globally, act strategically and contribute to the societies in which they operate."
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Trumping National Character In The United States Of America

Whether Trump's supporters see it or not, character in the White House matters more today than ever before, especially if the goal is to make America great. After all, the thing that set America apart in the past was its ability to create wealth while maintaining at least a perceived commitment to religious tolerance, equality and freedom.
12/02/2016 03:40 EST
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The Rising Cost Of Bad Leadership

Failing to access leadership character can clearly be expensive. As Ivey Business Journal recently pointed out, fraud resulting from mismanagement at Wells Fargo has already cost the bank about US$300 million in fines and pre-settlement investigative costs while wiping out something like US$6 billion in shareholder value.
10/13/2016 02:40 EDT

How Canadian Manufacturers Can Compete Like Our Olympians

When it comes to the raging global competition for foreign direct investment, Canada has not been doing great on the showing-well front. This is particularly true for the manufacturing sector because pride has focused our collective attention on the controversial need to help attract FDI via taxpayer-funded financial support.
09/02/2016 01:06 EDT

Why Being An A**hole Costs Money

Even visionary company founders need lots of help navigating the road to success. And that help includes everyone from the suppliers who influence product profitability to the financial backers who dictate a start-up's ownership distribution. And it is no secret that these critical partners dislike doing business with jerks -- even visionary jerks.
05/12/2016 03:59 EDT
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Why We Should Thank Enron's Former Chief Financial Officer

The fact is, many good people -- too many -- fall into the trap of simply accepting that it is appropriate to use technicalities and loopholes to break the principles behind rules when they think they can get away with it or if someone else says they can get away with it. And that's how we lead to scandal upon scandal in the worlds of finance and politics.
05/06/2016 11:52 EDT

Stock Charts Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health

The problem with using stock graphs to decide whether or not it is time to sell a company's shares has to do with the importance that people place on observations. Simply put, the most recent past is frequently seen as more diagnostic than the distant past, and so lines on a graph can be misleading.
02/12/2016 11:50 EST
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A Leadership Lesson From The Horrors Of The Holocaust

Eva Mozes Kor turned to Hallmark in the mid-1990s when looking to thank a former Nazi for going on the record about his job monitoring the gas chambers that murdered her parents and two older sisters. Forgiveness, she argues, delivers internal peace while clearing the mind of hate, making people more content and productive in both their personal and professional lives.
12/11/2015 12:28 EST

Volkswagen's Corporate Leadership Needs Re-Engineering

The essence of good risk management is asking appropriate questions and getting truthful answers. And so, if a CEO doesn't make it clear that he expects unethical behaviour to be outed by managers asking tough questions, then it probably won't be outed. This clearly didn't happen at Volkswagen.
10/06/2015 08:08 EDT
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Hooking Up With Leadership Lessons From Ashley Madison

It is generally assumed that aversion to risk is one of the biggest obstacles to Canadian innovation, but only 10 per cent of Canadian businesses are truly risk averse. The big issue is apparently an inability to align risk-taking with financial capacity -- rational risk-taking obviously involves being able to survive the potential negative consequences of your actions. And that's a key lesson buried in the aftermath of the hacker attack on the controversial Ashley Madison online affair service.
09/11/2015 05:04 EDT

What the Greek Tragedy Means for Canadians

Greece does not have its own currency to devalue to gain economic relief. And so the nation's debt problem can't be fixed by issuing more loans with conditions that kill economic growth. If truth be told, there has never been a bailout designed to bail out the Greeks. The aid issued to date has been all about buying time to play musical bondholders.
07/08/2015 05:04 EDT

How to Make Money Off the Singularity

The big question popularized by the Terminator franchise is whether or not we mere mortals need to worry about a real-life version of Skynet leading a takeover of humanity. The good news according to Owen Shapiro,is that all we really know about the future is that the so-called "Rise of the Machines" will create business opportunities for respected brands.
06/03/2015 05:24 EDT
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The Federal Budget Was Good For Business

Leaving aside the fact that getting Ottawa out of the red required Finance Minister Joe Oliver to deploy some skillful manoeuvers, not to mention seek a little help from contingency funds, the budget delivered this week clearly demonstrated spending restraint that is not as common as one might expect in today's economic environment.
04/23/2015 01:03 EDT
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We Shouldn't Romanticize Steve Jobs as a CEO

Apple's power to invoke fear in other industries is directly related to Jobs's success as a market disruptor. But while the consumer adoption rates of the revolutionary products created under his leadership are worth trying to emulate, the character of the man in question is not.
03/31/2015 09:23 EDT
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Saving Good Bankers from the Bad

When it comes to the reputation of the financial sector, the good news is that a Google search for banker jokes turns up only 534,000 results, while a search for lawyer jokes garners more than 10.5 million hits. The bad news is that unethical behaviour in the legal profession appears to cost the world much less than marketplace tomfoolery conducted by so-called financial professionals.
03/10/2015 01:30 EDT