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James Glave

Principal, Glave Communications

As principal of Glave Communications, I convey research, solutions, and policies that advance and enable the global low-carbon, clean-energy economy. I'm a strategist, author, and award-winning writer and editor with 18+years of experience producing high-impact communications products and services for consumer and business audiences. I'm also special advisor to Clean Energy Canada and a certified Climate Reality Leader.
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B.C. Carbon Tax Doesn't Hurt Agricultural Sector: Study

Despite industry claims to the contrary, British Columbia's carbon tax has not hurt the province's agricultural sector, a new Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions study concludes. Further, the study suggests that the more than $25 million worth of competitive "relief" that the provincial government has granted the industry in recent years may not have been necessary.
07/23/2014 08:32 EDT
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You Say You Want an Energy Revolution? Make a Run For It!

Kim Slater knows that Canada can reinvent itself, and shift from being a fossil fuel dealer to a clean energy leader. She knows her elected leaders can make it happen. But she isn't waiting for them to take the lead. In fact, she's starting without them, running across British Columbia to talk with Canadians about more sustainable forms of energy.
07/06/2012 05:41 EDT