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Jamie Ellerton

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No Foreign Investments Can Tarnish Our Ethical Oil

In the same week that China's National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) applied for federal approval for its takeover of Canadian oil company, Nexen, Kuwait's state-owned company was reported to have signed a deal with Canada's Athabasca Oil Corp. That's two countries, known for poor ethics, buying a piece of the Canadian oil patch. And yet, our oil remains as ethical as ever.
09/10/2012 07:45 EDT

Just Because They're Communists Doesn't Mean We Can't Do Business With Them

The Chinese government has a deplorable human rights record, but that has not stopped Canada from doing business with China while standing up for our values. The mix of state-capitalism with Western capitalism is the way of the world today. And besides the investment from the Chinese in Canada will increase Canadian prosperity and will allow our industry to grow.
08/03/2012 12:09 EDT

If Justin Trudeau Likes The Oil Sands, Why Can't You?

Once we acknowledge that virtually all of us agree that the oil sands are vital to Canada, we recognize the absurdity of claims that this is in any way a nationally divisive issue. Even Justin Trudeau, the man poised to be the next Liberal leader, knows that developing the oil sands is the only choice for Canadians.
07/19/2012 12:05 EDT