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Jason Meller

Digital Media Consultant, Fiction Writer, Fantasy Sports Writer

By day, Jason Meller works in digital media sales. Outside of the 9-to-5 grind, his interests focus around sports and fiction writing. To read more from Jason visit
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New Graduates Should Consider Becoming Entrepreneurs

For a small percentage of us, if we are lucky enough, we might already have a friend or relative working in our desired industry who can help us get a foot in the door. But in reality, simply possessing a diploma doesn't always translate into finding a job right away. What then are some other options that a new graduate might look at?
12/15/2016 05:47 EST

Fantasy Leagues Are No Longer Just for Sports

I believe that if anyone could ever duplicate "the experience" of fantasy sports, and find a way to apply it to other genres outside of sports, it could be a huge success. Recently, I've found a couple of great examples that have successfully transitioned the fantasy sports experience, and brought it to new pop culture audiences.
06/10/2015 06:06 EDT

A High School Turns 100 and Old Friends Reunite

On May 1, Agincourt Collegiate Institute (ACI), one of Toronto's oldest high schools, celebrated its 100th birthday. While this article is meant to chronicle the evening for those who attended, it sh...
05/03/2015 10:35 EDT

This Blue Jay Is Making the Best of a Bad Injury

Instead of playing baseball this week, Blue Jay pitcher Marcus Stroman will be returning to Duke University to complete his degree, after tearing his left ACL during Spring Training earlier this year. Instead of moping and feeling sorry for himself, Stroman is going about things the only way he seems to know how -- with a positive attitude.
04/26/2015 10:54 EDT
Anthony Rosenberg via Getty Images

A Millennial's Guide to Personal Finance

What I have come to learn since, is for those five years when I took my RRSP vacation, I missed a real opportunity to have my savings working overtime for me. So while I am still more than 20 years away from retirement, I am now forced to take a more aggressive approach to savings for the future.
04/21/2015 01:17 EDT
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Social Media Is This Generation's Guerrilla Marketing

While maintaining your own blog is a great idea, you should also consider contributing to other, more-established, online communities within your industry or field of interest. The value lies in the fact that every piece of content you contribute -- which has your name attached -- may reach hundreds or even thousands of new people. All of whom can find their way back to your website or Facebook page.
03/28/2015 02:05 EDT

Making Sense of the Male Fascination With Fantasy Sports

So what drives grown men to allocate more time and effort towards their fantasy team, then they ever did studying for a university exam? Sure, there are usually monetary stakes involved, and maybe even a trophy for the league winner. But there has to be more than that.
03/16/2015 11:33 EDT