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Jo-Anne Craine

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Jo-Anne is a parent and a freelance writer and editor at Type A Creative. Published in,,, Forever Young News, and Wedding Essentials magazine, among others. Follow on Twitter: @TypeACreative1 and Facebook or at

What To Do With All That Halloween Candy

Make it clear that one treat will be added to school lunchboxes daily, or just after school, and not anytime they want it. Whatever your rule is, make sure you kids know it in advance to prevent tears and cries of "It's not fair!"
10/17/2016 09:03 EDT

The Stabbing At My Teen's High School Didn't Have To Happen

I got a text from my teen at 8:52 yesterday morning. It was that text; the one you read about in news reports that usually come from the U.S. It doesn't come from one of your own children. The ones you promised yourself you would always protect. "Lockdown at school," then "Someone pulled a knife." Not much to go on, but enough to send that infamous chill down your spine. I wasn't far from school, so I raced over, my muddy dog still in the back seat, dreading what I knew I would find.
02/24/2016 05:20 EST