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Jonathan Rizzolo

Health & Fitness Educator

Jonathan is the co-founder of Planima. He’s on a mission showing others how to get the most out of life by modelling an ancestral lifestyle. His fresh views are helping to raise awareness about the impacts of food choices on public and environmental health.
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How Your DNA Can Help You Find The Perfect Diet

There's one thing in common between the eating habits of our ancestors: no one counted carbs or fat. They simply ate the foods that were natural to their environment and experienced remarkable health. Living under these conditions for thousands of years led to genetic changes in each group that were then passed on to you and I.
02/02/2016 02:38 EST
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Farming Regulations Could Rob You of Your Most Fundamental Right

What we choose to eat is our most fundamental right. At least, it should be. What deeper connection do we have to our natural world than with the food that becomes part of our own flesh and bone? Farming, then, should be seen as one of the most valued and respected trades. Yet, government efforts to control our food supply is threatening food security and our freedom as a community.
08/12/2015 08:07 EDT