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Jonathan Wade

Military and Foreign Affairs Specialist. Combat Veteran of Afghanistan. Specializing on Russia, Canada and the Arctic.

Jonathan Wade is the owner of, and a combat veteran of Afghanistan. Jonathan specializes in geopolitics, intelligence and military analysis. Focusing on NATO and Russia, Jonathan is also interested by North Korea. You can hear him on many radio show in Canada, and he is currently studying Russian at the Laval University.
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Canada's Next Peacekeeping Mission Could See Troops In Mali

Last Thursday, Lieutenant General Paul Wynnyk became the commander of the Canadian Army and quickly stated the Canadian Army could possibly deploy troops in Africa. As a matter of fact, according to Wynnyk, a deployment to Africa was imminent. Although many regions in Africa would benefit from having Canadian soldiers on the ground, Mali has been mentioned on many occasions.
07/18/2016 10:50 EDT
Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon

F/A-18E Super Hornet Bridges Gap Between Now And Drone Warfare

The Super Hornet is by far the best alternative for Canada and will keep the RCAF operational for the next 25 years -- a critical timeline for future drone warfare. By then, Boeing and Lockheed Martin will most likely have some workable unmanned fighter drones; a great option for Canada to keep constant surveillance in the Arctic and its coasts.
06/07/2016 04:08 EDT

The Canadian Army Reserve Is In Terrible Shape

According to Michael Ferguson's latest audit, the Army Reserve is clearly lacking "clear guidance on preparing for international missions, had lower levels of training as cohesive teams, and had not fully integrated this training with that of the Regular Army." Adding to that, the number of reservists is lower than needed and are not fully prepared to deploy when required.
05/05/2016 11:37 EDT
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canada Should Participate In The U.S. BMD System

A little over a decade ago, Canada -- under Paul Martin's Liberals -- rejected taking part in the United States Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system along its U.S. counterpart. The Canadian government is currently reviewing its defence policy, including the possibility to reconsider its position on their participation to the U.S. BMD system.
04/21/2016 02:24 EDT
Ian Hitchcock via Getty Images

The F/A-18E Super Hornet Is What Canada Needs

Does Canada need a fifth-generation stealth multirole fighter? I don't think so. As a matter of fact, beside the F-35 fiasco in general, Canada cannot afford such an expensive plane that had limited capabilities. A project worth more than $8 billion at the start, many experts now evaluate it at more than $49 billion. This might include all acquisition, sustainment and operating costs but does not guarantee the price won't go up again due other issues with the aircraft.
04/07/2016 11:57 EDT
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Liberals' Military Spending Delay Leaves Canada Vulnerable

The Canadian Forces will once again have to wait to receive new much-needed equipment. Whether it is new fighter aircraft, ships or vehicles, the federal budget has postponed more than $3.7 billion in military spending until 2020 -- or later. As a matter of fact, the latest federal budget is another slap to the Canadian Forces' face. Bill Morneau, Canada's finance minister, said the Liberals are postponing defence spending to figure out defence priorities.
04/04/2016 11:04 EDT

How Can Trudeau Boost Nuclear Security While Cutting Military?

Canada is not in a position to try and hammer down a Treaty when it pulled its aircraft from the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State. The Summit and the coalition might be two different things, but many allies to taking part in both. Because of that, Trudeau's plan is doomed to fail as we took a big hit on credibility when we pulled our aircraft. Although we stand third out of twenty-four on the Security Index, I do believe security should be enhanced, especially with the recent Brussels attacks. Ontario has many nuclear power plants and could become a potential target for future terrorist attacks.
04/04/2016 04:38 EDT
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Canada Will Benefit By Re-Engaging Russia

The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion is ready to re-establish diplomatic relations with Russia. During a speech at the University of Ottawa on a new Liberal foreign policy approach, Dion said Canada has no positive consequences for completely cutting ties with Russia.
04/01/2016 05:40 EDT