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Jordon Froese

Writer and Aspiring Pundit

Jordon Froese is an observer and interpreter of random occurrences as he travels through life. It is the curse of an arts education that focused on philosophy. He otherwise occupies his time answering the phone and manipulating various Microsoft Office programs in exchange for a paycheque. He does all of this from Toronto.

King Harpernicus and The Speech for the Drones

Since Canada's Economic Action Plan doesn't seem to include me at this juncture, I recently tried my hand at becoming an author. I tried to shamelessly rip off J.K. Rowling (who I think shamelessly ri...
10/18/2013 03:43 EDT

Canada and Quebec: Don't Stay Together For the Kids

If Pauline Marois' government decides it wants to lead Quebec out of Canada, to my mind she's simply following the logical path that has been laid down (intentionally or not) by our Federal leaders over the past 145 years. If it turns out Quebec wants a divorce we should grant it and move on. It seems evident there wasn't much of a family to begin with, and we don't seem to want to start building one now.
09/27/2012 05:03 EDT

The Next Phase of Occupied Economies

I'll admit from the outset that the real reason I initially went to the Occupied Economies forum on Nov. 18 was that it was held at the Design Exchange in the old Toronto Stock Exchange building. In m...
11/30/2011 10:35 EST

Pride Toronto: Does Mammoliti Really Have the Ammo?

The only banner I have seen from the Dyke March is one that said "Free Palestine". Do we really want to spend legal fees chasing this one? I suggest we'll spend at least $300,000 trying to prove that there was hate speech at this event.
07/07/2011 02:31 EDT

For William and Kate: A Rhetorical Quiz on Canada

While you're here, can you guys chat up our King Harpernicus regarding environmental issues? Between the tar sands, our positions at international forums, and cuts at Environment Canada, I don't think he's too familiar with the idea.
06/30/2011 11:11 EDT