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Louise Wallace

Mother, Blogger, Designer, Optimist

Louise Wallace is a mom, designer, publisher, arts advocate and community member in Salmon Arm, B.C., a small and still charming town in in the Shuswap region of British Columbia's Southern Interior.

Kellie Leitch, Please Revisit The Example Jim Flaherty Set

I remember your heartfelt speech in the House in the days after we lost Jim Flaherty. I watched. I mourned. I really felt for you as a physician who had tried so hard to save your friend. I cried. I miss him too. Please think about him as you head into the end of this race.
03/07/2017 01:30 EST
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

We Need To Talk With America Before It's Too Late

If you think of earth as a giant and complicated neighbourhood of neighbourhoods, it might be said that the Trumpification we are now witnessing in the States doesn't really have anything to do with Trump himself. He is not the cause. He is the opportunistic benefactor. Let's call him dystopia Donald. He's relatively new to this area. But he's still affecting our neighbours to the south, and we have a duty to at least have a chat with them.
07/28/2016 10:05 EDT

Dear Rest Of Canada, Let's Do This. Love, A B.C. Voter

By the time the news blackout was lifted on election night in previous years, the decision had been made and our ballots hadn't even been counted yet. It's my least favourite part of living in B.C. Though the tables might turn this election, I still can't overlook the opportunity to make a final plea to Canada from me, here in B.C.
10/07/2015 07:04 EDT

Let's Start An Adopt-A-Voter Program

And yes, it might seem boring to you. But they aren't bored. They like that stuff. That's why they ran. A democracy is only democratic if due process -- as tedious as it might seem -- is followed. Better them than you. That's worthy of a vote, is it not?
10/07/2014 02:14 EDT

We're Too Busy Making Money

Income disparity also means that working and living in the same place is a luxury few of us can afford -- not just in third world countries, but in small Canadian rural communities as well. Ironically, our stronger economy is also leading to a weaker society. We can't be there for one another as much as we once were. We're too busy making money.
08/11/2014 01:06 EDT

Christy Clark's High School Clique Won't Stand Up For Public Education

Why won't a single member of Christy Clark's government stand up for the importance of public education? Were our current MLAs not once students themselves? Are they afraid they'll get kicked out of the cool kid club? Does she tell them what to wear? How to do their hair? Who to sit with at lunch? I know a high school clique when I see one.
06/09/2014 02:59 EDT
DNY59 via Getty Images

I'm Calling For A Parents' Strike. You In?

We, the citizens and taxpayers of B.C., are both the consumers of and investors in the education system. It's a bit like being the dealer and the player at a high stakes poker game. You'd think the odds were in our favour, but no. This particular high-staked game is rigged and the deck is stacked against us. But if every gambler just walked out, there wouldn't be much of a casino to run, now would there?
06/01/2014 05:48 EDT