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Marcello Cabezas

Culture & Experience Producer, Artrepreneur, and Policy Consultant

Marcello Cabezas is a highly respected & award winning culture/experience producer, performer, host, city builder and marketer. He is the recipient of the prestigious Arnold Edinborough Award for his contribution to national arts & culture development and the Toronto Star has called him "the show business jack of-all-trades, master of most". Chosen as one of the national Canadian Grey Goose Notables, he was a member of the Executiviva! Ambassador Program for the TO2015 Pan/Parapan Games. Currently, he is a co-chair and member of the steering committee for Expo Canada 2025 and is in development on various projects for Canada 150. Born and raised in Toronto, he loves his home town and is developing Toronto Unites, a one of a kind celebration of the city to commence in 2018.
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Why Design Is So Integral In Our Everyday Lives

Everything we interact with has been in the hands, the thoughts, the dreams of someone. Some person, some team, some group has thought sometimes for minutes, hours, days and maybe years. Their challenge. How to make this "thing" functional, durable, environmentally conscious, pleasing, interesting, and relevant? And hopefully thought inspiring?
12/15/2016 08:13 EST
Arpad Benedek

Bold Millennials Are Making Hamilton Canada's Next Great City

These are people that believe so strongly in the potential of their city and are doing all they can for the world to understand one thing: "You don't need to leave Hamilton to enjoy the fruits of a growing exciting world. And if you don't live here, please do come and be part of our family to create wonder with us."
11/11/2016 01:23 EST
Guntar Kravis

How Two Married Actors Make It Work On And Off The Stage

Paul Gross and Martha Burns are a married couple that have made it look easy. Both successful in their long careers, they have shown the arts community and the world it can work. Now going on year 28 of marriage, they focus their efforts on making art, making their relationship work and raising two children.
12/16/2015 01:07 EST

Meet Canada's Next Top Opera Stars

Years of work, sacrifice and commitment came down to this. A truly one-of-a-kind program, Centre Stage shines a spotlight on Canada's future opera stars competing for cash prizes, as well as a coveted spot in the COC Ensemble Studio, Canada's premier development program for young opera professionals.
11/09/2015 04:57 EST
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The Definitive List of Voting Dos and Don'ts

Without sounding obvious, it all starts and stops with you. Your behaviour does impact what will happen. How you choose to discuss issues with others does have influence. How you choose to collect information to inform your decision does inspire the end result. And in the end, it does come down to this. Choose to vote and something will happen. Choose not to vote and something different will happen.
10/13/2015 05:18 EDT
brett lamb

How Hamilton's Collective Pursuits Are Creating Canada's Brooklyn

In case you haven't heard, you can do anything in Hamilton. We even have a t-shirt to prove it. That place known as "steel town" is no more. Meet Hamilton 2.0. A city that is organically and strategically turning into what some are saying could be Canada's answer to the movement that inspired a modern Brooklyn.
08/04/2015 05:03 EDT

How Panamania Is Inspiring a City Like Never Before

There is movement happening right now as you read this. PANAMANIA. 250 performances & exhibitions over 35 days. Simply put, it has ignited a collective energy in a city and connected citizens of all b...
07/25/2015 08:20 EDT

How Luminato Inspires The Inner Artist In All of Us

Oh, Dirty Dancing we love you. Remember THAT song? "Now I've had the time of my life. No I never felt like this before..." Cut to last week when two men stood on stage belting out the lyrics as if t...
06/24/2015 05:21 EDT

Why Awards Could Inspire Canadian Fashion

In the Canadian fashion scene, there have been some recent efforts to use awards as way to shine a light on designers, and the specialists who make up this world. The end goal? Awareness, hype, and giving consumers further reason to do what is done when you like something.
05/27/2015 06:36 EDT

How a Canadian Film Got a Second Week at the Cinemas

Oh, to be artistically relevant. And engaging. And funny. And smart. We are talking about a romantic comedy. That magic formula. What is it? Winning "Most Awkward Sex Scene" at the 2015 Canadian Film...
04/09/2015 11:29 EDT