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Martin Krossel

Canadian freelance journalist

Canadian freelance journalist, based in New York. Contributor to

Finally, Canada Confronts Communism's Ugly History

Recently, the CBC Radio program Ideas ran a full hour interview with Washington Post columnist and author Anne Applebaum. Her new book, Iron Curtain, documents the Soviet Union's takeover of three Eas...
02/27/2013 05:23 EST

More Double-Standards from Israel's Critics

Recently on Palestinian state television, viewers could watch praise being bestowed on the convicted perpetrators of the random murder of three members of the Fogel family, in a nighttime attack on their West Bank home. The terrorists were referred to as "heroes." So far, I haven't found any newspaper outside of Israel that reported on Palestinian television's praise of the terrorists.
02/13/2012 12:57 EST
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Why Would David Suzuki Wish for a Society Without Corporations?

Has David Suzuki ever bothered to talk to anyone who lived in a country that abandoned capitalism? Has he ever heard the story of a refugee from the Soviet Union? There are plenty of them around in Canada. But Suzuki, like most Canadian writers and broadcasters, just aren't interested in their stories.
11/14/2011 01:06 EST

Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Continuation of the Jews' Struggle

In the Arab-Israeli conflict, disputes over borders, Jewish settlements and even the status of Jerusalem are all peripheral. Like their brethren in Nazi Europe, Israel's Jews are struggling for the physical survival. When the popular Arab animus against Jews is shed, all other disputes could be resolved easily.
11/06/2011 09:19 EST