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Mary Jane Mossman

Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School

Mary Jane Mossman was the first articling student at Parkdale in 1971-72. After joining the Osgoode faculty, she served as Acting Director at Parkdale in 1978 during the Grange Commission hearings. She was Clinic Funding Manager at OLAP 1979-1982, during a time of significant expansion of community clinics; and later served as a member of clinic Boards at Parkdale, Jane-Finch and ACE.
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Why We Shouldn't End Community Legal Clinics in the GTA

The Vision Report proposes closing all of the 14 community legal clinics currently providing poverty law services in Toronto and using their resources to create three large clinic law servicing centres for Toronto. We are not persuaded that the single option presented -- the mega-clinic option -- is appropriate.
10/02/2014 08:30 EDT