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Mathieu Bédard

Economist, Montreal Economic Institute


Android Smartphones Cannot Possibly Undermine Competition

The European and American competition authorities recently announced that they were investigating Google's Android operating system for smartphones. They accuse Google of abusing its dominant position to harm its competitors. These announcements are surprising given the dynamism of competition in the cellphone market.
07/25/2016 03:05 EDT
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Free Trade Does Not 'Trump' The Environment

Monday was the first day of the Republican Convention where Donald Trump will be confirmed as the party's nominee for November's presidential election. On Thursday, when he delivers his keynote speech, he will likely repeat his tirade against free trade agreements, which has become his trademark.
07/18/2016 04:43 EDT
Colin Anderson via Getty Images

The Case For Impending Ecological Doom Is Thin

When it comes to climate change, Bailey doesn't think we're doomed. He does think that the balance of the scientific evidence indicates that man-made global warming likely poses a significant problem for humanity, but he believes that human ingenuity can most likely solve that problem well before the end of the century.
04/22/2016 08:49 EDT