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Michael Laxer

A political activist, former candidate and election organizer for the NDP, and a two time Socialist candidate for Toronto City Council

Michael Laxer lives in Toronto where he runs a bookstore with his partner Natalie. Michael has a Degree in History from Glendon College of York University. He is a political activist, a two-time former candidate and former election organizer for the NDP, was a socialist candidate for Toronto City Council in 2010 & 2014, and is on the executive of the Socialist Party of Ontario.
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Men Need to Admit That Jian Ghomeshi Is No Exception

That men like Jian Ghomeshi are a terrible exception and if we as men simply stand up and say we are not as bad as that, or that we are not rapists or do not beat "our" girlfriends or that we show that it is not men, generally, who are violent and abusive, but only "bad" men? Well that is bullshit. It is all men. We, collectively, and most commonly as individuals, are responsible for creating the conditions that not only facilitate Ghomeshi, but that ensure he will exist.
11/10/2014 05:38 EST