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Nicole F. Bernier

A researcher and writer on Canadian health and social policy and expert adviser with

Research director of the Faces of Aging program at the Institute for Research on Public Policy.
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Canada Needs A Strategy To Improve Senior Drug Safety

Many drugs prescribed to seniors have either not been adequately studied for this age group or have not been formally approved for the conditions they are being prescribed to treat. They are sometimes prescribed without any evidence they are safe and effective for them, and in some cases, even when they are known to present a possible risk (antipsychotics prescribed to older patients with dementia, for example).
01/27/2017 03:17 EST
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Canada Needs a National Strategy for Unpaid Caregivers

The impacts of informal caregiving commitments do not remain confined to the home: they are felt in the Canadian workplace and reduce productivity. They translate into 2.2 million hours of reduced effort in the workplace every week and cause an estimated $1.3 billion productivity loss annually, says the report.
06/11/2015 08:14 EDT
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Why Canada Shouldn't Rely on Unpaid Caregivers

There's the reality that not everyone has a network of friends and family they can call on who are able, capable or willing to handle sometimes complex care needs -- in many cases, for care needs required over long periods of time. In 2012, nearly 461,000 Canadians 15 years of age and older suffering from a chronic condition needed homecare but had none -- formal or informal.
10/07/2014 05:30 EDT
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Stop Drugging Seniors to Save Money

Residents rely heavily on the nursing home to ensure their protection and well-being. So it is paradoxical -- some would say tragic -- that nursing home residents are too often put on drugs they don't need, which can be dangerous, and may even kill them.
06/19/2014 12:42 EDT