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Noralou Roos

Professor in the department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba and Director of


Is it Finally Time for a Guaranteed Annual Income?

Could the Guaranteed Annual Income -- once considered radical notion -- now be an idea whose time has come? It has been supported by generations of economists and welfare theorists, from the left and the right. So why are such a broad group of people pushing such a program?
08/11/2015 12:35 EDT
Daniele Carotenuto Photography via Getty Images

Five Things Most People Get Wrong About Canada's Health Care System

A recent court challenge before the British Columbia Supreme Court threatened to change the rules of the game for the Canadian healthcare system -- should the challenge have made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada and found success there. How our health system should be reformed, and in what measures, is nothing short of a national pastime in Canada. Too bad many get the facts wrong. Here are a few basics everyone should know.
09/16/2014 08:59 EDT

Too Much Health Care Can Be Harmful

It is easy to assume that the real problem with our health care system is "not enough" -- not enough physicians, not enough MRIs, not enough money. In fact, sometimes more care -- specifically care that you don't need -- can be harmful for your health, and expose you to unnecessary risks.
06/20/2013 05:22 EDT