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Ozlem Eskicioglu


Özlem Eskicioğlu is a lawyer, sole practitioner at ÖZ LAW law firm in Ottawa. Her areas of specialty include estates and family law. Previously she worked at an insurance defence law firm. She also has behind her two years of research and writing experience on Canadian privacy law. Özlem is a first-time blogger, but has always been vocal and active in her community about women's issues and rights.

Why We Only See the Miley Cyruses, and Forget About the Robin Thickes

There's nothing wrong with being sexual, discovering your sexuality or embracing sexuality. There is, however, something troubling about making it the essence of who you are -- because women are much more than sex. But unfortunately, young girls and women are not taught that. Instead, we're told over and over again that the essence of our worth and power is determined by our looks and sexual expression.
09/04/2013 05:47 EDT