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Paul Franklin

Father, Veteran, Activist, Motivational Speaker

Retired Master Cpl. Paul Franklin lost both his legs in a suicide bombing in Kandahar in 2006. The attack also Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry was killed, and seriously injured two comrades.

Franklin, who lives in Edmonton, left the military in 2009. He has since become an advocate for amputees and serves on the board of directors of the Amputee Coalition of Canada. He is also involved with Solider On, which helps injured members of the Canadian Forces remain physical and participate in sports.
Chad Hipolito/CP

Liberal Budget Brings New Decade Of Darkness For Canadian Forces

The Trudeau government's second budget is more a cautionary one than one with the revolutionary zeal of the first. The budget does show us that the military is not a priority, with no increases and deferred spending on purchasing for eight years. From the time of Trudeau's father and former prime minister Pierre Trudeau to the times of Jean Chretien, the military has never been the priority of the Liberals.
03/24/2017 09:39 EDT

Each Year, Veterans Affairs Makes Me Prove I Lost My Legs

Last year when upon getting a new chair it was felt by VAC that I didn't get the appropriate paperwork -- which was a doctor's note saying "Due to transformal amputations, Paul Franklin needs a new wheelchair." I was approved of a pension but was not to receive it until a doctor confirmed my limb loss. This is something that has to be done every year presumably until age 65.
02/05/2015 03:19 EST