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T-365... The PPCLI Prepare for Regiment's 100th Birthday

The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry is preparing for its centennial anniversary in one year. Started in 1914 to aid the British in World War 1, the lionized Canadian infantry regiment turns 100 in 2014. Globally, the history of the PPCLI is unparalleled for its valour, honour and distinguished service on behalf of all Canadians.
08/06/2013 05:55 EDT

The Cruel Consequences of Animal Bylaws

Early Monday morning I received a phone call from an urban hen owner and contributing member of CLUCK Canada (Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub). She had just been served by Calgary bylaw for possession of livestock, her three hens (no roosters), and was ordered to remove her hens. She was fearful for her pets.
06/20/2013 02:14 EDT

The Ag Delusion: What's Missing from Encana Aggie Days? Just the Truth..

Aggie Days, an event that celebrates a sanitized and fictitious version of modern, industrialized agriculture. Animals are cute and cuddly. They have straw in their pens and room to roam. Baby chicks, cage free and with their beaks still intact, scurry around, enjoying their last bit of freedom.
04/08/2013 06:21 EDT

Compassion Wins Over Cruelty In Co-op Vote

On Wednesday, March 13th, the membership of Calgary Co-op voted in favour of eliminating caged eggs and pork in their 24 stores located in Calgary and region. Calgary Co-op boasts a membership of 440,000, making it one of the largest cooperatives in North America.
03/15/2013 02:16 EDT

The End of Cowshwitz: Will Ethical Bacon & Eggs be Coming to Cowtown?

If Calgary Co-op member, and local food activist, Clint Robertson's motion is successful on Wednesday at their AGM, Calgary Co-op will make history by being the first major food retailer in Canada to begin phasing out the intensive confinement of farm animals, specifically caged pork and battery caged hens for eggs.
03/11/2013 03:13 EDT

Citizen Collaboration

Our towns and cities do not function in isolation. They do not exist in a vacuum. Municipalities can learn from one another's experiences. More importantly, citizens can too.
02/14/2013 06:44 EST

Conference Board of Canada Food Summit: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Although the 2nd Canadian Food Summit hasn't even started, the controversy has. In fact, the Canadian food policy world may have it's biggest dust up ever if the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) continues its tone deaf, stack the deck maneuvering.
01/30/2013 03:57 EST

I Hate Video Games, so Why is My Kid Playing Minecraft?

I was introduced to Minecraft by my son, who was nine at the time. I would ask him to stop watching Minecraft videos, which he seemed addicted to. When he started playing, I asked him to get off the computer and get outside. All parents do this, but few of us take the time to truly understand what it is our kids are really doing on that computer. Well my son, now 10, has taught me a huge lesson.
01/10/2013 01:40 EST

SCREW 2013

Five Canadian prairie cities: Saskatoon, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton and Winnipeg (SCREW) share multiple parallels and symmetries. Of course each city is entirely unique, yet in many ways, they're nearly identical. Dionne Quintuplet identical. Is there a way for these prairie cities to work together to save taxpayers money, create efficiencies, improve service delivery, optimize citizen engagement, minimize bureaucracy, increase ROI, share ideas and reach their respective sustainability targets? Could they become better cities by SCREWing things up?
01/01/2013 04:42 EST

All We Want For Xmas Is A Calgary Municipal Ombudsman

Creating capacity in municipal governance isn't really something the elves can build and throw in Santa's toy bag. It will take politicians and citizens committed to a superior democratic structure to make this one happen. It would be the best Xmas ever if Alberta embraced this exceptional opportunity to craft a truly democratic society.
12/07/2012 06:39 EST

imagineCalgary: Calgary's Open Government Initiative Betrayed by Bureaucrats

We'll drive, copilot, change the tunes, serve up the beverages, adjust the heat and ensure government doesn't fall asleep... but someone has to open the doors so we can get in the car. Unlock the doors of government and let citizens in, that is the mantra of imagineCalgary, now firmly in the hands of hardened bureaucrats. The language of imagineCalgary is not their mother tongue and they are struggling with just the basic translation, let alone the incredibly lofty and epic targets found within the imagineCalgary tome.
12/03/2012 03:39 EST

The Gloves Are Off... CHLPA Serves Notice On The CHL And Hockey Canada

From interpreting provincial labour laws (cited in the letters to the CHL and HC) which are being applied to define the relationship that exists between the 1405 players and their 60 teams, it is clear that players are employees and are owed a substantial amount of back pay, easily in the 10's of millions.
10/25/2012 07:05 EDT
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The Tainted Tweet: Let them Eat Meat!

Certainly Smith did not create the XL Food crisis nor hunger. What she did create however, is the digital political petri dish for those issues to come together to breed the perfect storm. The volatile combination of being the leader of the opposition, a nationwide food crisis, epic associated chaos in the form of millions of pounds of recalled meat and then add a deeply revealing, albeit unintentionally insensitive comment and voilà, you have the equivalent of a social media-driven bench brawl.
10/22/2012 09:27 EDT

Beef Recall and the Grim Reality of our Food System

Establishment 38 is not a lunar outpost operated by Weyland-Yutani. It is a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant in Brooks, Alberta, operated by XL Foods Inc. The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) has suspended the operating license of Establishment 38 because of the detected presence of E. coli O157:H7. Another food recall, this one crossing almost all provincial borders, is today's sobering headline reality. While the scientists, researchers and investigators of the CFIA have E. coli O157:H7 under the microscope, Canadians have also placed Canada's food safety system on a slide and we're collectively scrutinizing how we got ourselves into such a pickle. Our massively complex global food system involves billions of supply chain transactions daily. The relationship with the consumer has evolved and citizens must diligently participate in the food equation in order to prevent food borne illnesses. But, do we have the skills to be active participants in a food system we interact with on multiple occasions daily?
10/02/2012 07:24 EDT