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Peter Landry

Peter Landry is a public affairs and government relations specialist at Enterprise, one of Canada's leading public affairs firms.

Peter Landry is a Principal at Enterprise Canada, a leading public affairs firm with expertise in government relations and strategic communications. A skilled facilitator, Peter heads the firm’s research practice with a special focus on public opinion and how it can impact government policies and practices.
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CBC's 'The National' Is The Peter Pan Of News

There was a time, not so long ago, in Canada when we depended on the editorial decisions of a few at the hub of a few daily newspapers and a couple of television stations, notably the CBC and its rival CTV. Rapidly, these sources are becoming like rotary landline telephones. Sure there are people who use them, but with each obituary, they become fewer.
09/09/2016 09:12 EDT
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The Death Of Political Fundraising In Ontario (And My Social Life)

The Ontario Liberal government has introduced legislation that will ban corporate, union and association political contributions and impose lower limits on those made by individuals. I am agnostic about this fundraising issue. In many ways, Ontario's current system works. All donations are made public. There are limits to how much each organization can give. Lobby rules require advocates to disclose their activities on a public registry. It is far less underground than people think.
05/18/2016 04:00 EDT
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What Do Trump And Sanders Mean To Canadian Politics?

Many Canadians are looking aghast at the rise of Donald Trump as the Republican Party's front-runner for President of the United States. How can someone so boorish and who espouses such hard ideas that are regularly called fascist-like be leading contender for president of a country that prides itself as being a freedom-loving democracy? Well, there's an explanation; just not exactly a reasonable one.
03/17/2016 02:27 EDT
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In A Struggling Media Environment, We're Drowning In News

The Internet is almost always part of the tragic narrative. It is killing print newspapers they scribe. Sad news is splashed across the headlines. The loss of the newspaper carrier who tosses your paper onto the front porch early in the morning does not equal the death of news and opinion. Even restructuring newsrooms does not necessarily mean less access to important information.
02/17/2016 10:28 EST
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Syrian Refugees And The Numbers Game

Numbers coming from the government and political operatives should give pause to any observer. Why? Because rarely do either have the expertise or data sources to make reliable predictions. When they do, other factors come into play that skews the totals. The usual culprit is misguided optimism to demonstrate competence or distinguish from the opposition.
01/05/2016 04:45 EST

Mike Duffy And George Costanza Share A Foolproof Legal Defence

Duffy's defence -- which I will refer to as "The Costanza" -- may become a standard courtroom tactic should his lawyers succeed. This new legal principle would hold that one is innocent unless the law, social behaviour and even etiquette are explicitly explained in advance in each case.
12/16/2015 02:08 EST
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The New Parliamentary Secretary Roles Are A Welcomed Change

rime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement that his parliamentary secretaries will be given real responsibilities -- including on policy matters central to the government's agenda -- is welcome news. It is also good management. Smart parliamentary secretaries will use the opportunity to dig in and deliver results that will get noticed.
12/04/2015 01:44 EST
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What Made This Election A Historic Win For First Nations Issues

The election of Justin Trudeau has been variously described as historic. And it was. Another less talked about historic moment was the election of 10 First Nations MPs. Add to this that a record-breaking 54 Aboriginal candidates put their names forward during the election. Each of these candidates ran in one of the 51 swing ridings identified by Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Chief Perry Bellegarde. Bellegrade was blunt and clear that the Aboriginal vote could make a difference between a majority and minority government.
11/03/2015 08:20 EST

A Winning Smile For Wynne in Ontario

There is no doubt that one of the biggest winners in the federal election was Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Having spent much political capital in the face of much criticism, Wynne dove head first...
10/23/2015 01:01 EDT
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Winning Seats in Ontario Requires Fine Balancing

As the federal election comes to its final stage, many eyes are on Ontario. Stephen Harper has been a regular visitor in ridings that the Conservatives currently hold, giving the impression that he is focusing on keeping versus increasing seats. Justin Trudeau on the other hand, is venturing into Conservative and NDP held ridings looking for new support. Winning seats in Ontario requires some fine balancing. While there is a desire to figure out what will appeal to voters across the province, it is also a bit of a mug's game and far more challenging than it looks.
10/15/2015 08:38 EDT
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Why Rob Ford is a Cautionary Tale For Donald Trump's Supporters

The Donald Trump phenomena in the United States reminds me of our experience in Toronto, Canada, when a so-called everyman mayor who appealed to angry populism was elected. Ford's behaviour proved to be such a distraction that much of his agenda, such as it was, stalled at every step. Ford, like Trump, loved to attack people on their appearance, ethnicity and gender. Over time, personality-driven, badly behaved leaders will get to the point of alienating all but their most ardent allies.
09/25/2015 05:12 EDT