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Peter McCaffrey

Policy Analyst

Peter McCaffrey is a policy analyst based in Regina, Saskatchewan, working with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He is a graduate of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, where he studied Political Science, International Relations and Statistics. In addition to policy work, Peter has organised campaigns for and against legislation, managed election campaigns and has stood for parliament himself in New Zealand.

The Real Problem With Public Perception of Climate Change

The real problem is that the public doesn't actually get climate science information from scientists. We get it from government departments and international governmental panels. We get it from a sensationalist media and from politicians. While the IPCC tells us there will be 17 inches of sea rise by 2100, Al Gore scares voters by claiming it will be 20 feet.
05/23/2014 08:46 EDT

Federal Arts Funding Should Take a Page From Kickstarter's Book

In just a few short years, relatively simple technology that enables people to find like-minded individuals with similar tastes in artwork, has eclipsed and then surpassed a 50 year old institution of government. Hopefully, governments will learn the lessons of other industries and choose to embrace this technological advancement for what it is -- the democratization of art
04/11/2014 09:07 EDT

5 Reasons Price Gouging Should Be Legal (Especially During Disasters)

It's obviously troubling that a small number would use the disaster as an excuse to loot; to violently steal another person's possessions, cause damage and inflict even greater misery on an already suffering community. But is price gouging really at all comparable to looting? I'm disappointed not that price gouging is occurring, but that it's only been isolated.
06/24/2013 05:31 EDT

Returning Quebec Students Will Need to Retake Economics 101

Figures from Statistics Canada show that, for the 2011/2012 year, undergraduate students in Quebec paid an average of just $2,519 a year for their education. Meanwhile, students in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario paid $5,601, $5,662 and $6,640 a year, while the Canadian average was $5,366 a year. Charest's tuition proposal would have seen Quebec students still paying thousands of dollars less for their tuition in 2017 than students in several other provinces are paying right now. No organisation, universities included, can continue to provide a quality service if its expenses go up while it is unable to raise sufficient revenue to cover those expenses.
08/26/2012 11:27 EDT