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Petra Molnar

Lawyer and refugee advocate in Toronto, Canada

Petra Molnar is a researcher and refugee advocate in Toronto, Canada. She holds a Master of Arts in Social Anthropology with a diploma in Refugee Studies from York University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Toronto.
Trump's Rise Obligates Us To Question So-Called Canadian

Trump's Rise Obligates Us To Question So-Called Canadian Values

Kelly Leitch stated that Trump's victory sends an "exciting message" that is needed in Canada. This is the same candidate that continues to call for screening of immigrants for so-called Canadian values. But what are these values and which groups get to define them?
11/11/2016 02:23 EST
Our Tour of

Our Tour of Shame

"Where is Canada?" In Turkey and Jordan recently, this was the question we heard over and over, from Syrian refugees themselves, crisis intervention workers, medical professionals, human rights activists and others dedicated to helping Syrians.To friends and family, I referred to my time in the region as a tour of shame, as a Canadian. There was a clear perception among the people we spoke with that Canada preferred Christian asylum seekers, and this explained the delays and inaction. As the now-infamous photo of Alan Kurdi reminds us, there is an immediate need for Canada to show leadership in developing a concrete solution.
10/06/2015 01:01 EDT