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Rashida Jeeva

General Manager, Huffington Post Canada; Head of Content, AOL Canada

Rashida Jeeva is General Manager, Huffington Post Canada; and AOL Canada's Head of Content.

She immigrated to Canada from South Africa 24 years ago, and worked for the Toronto Sun, Yahoo!, and the Globe & Mail before joining AOL.
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Prospecting Tales From Both Sides of the 55th Parallel

Barring a few twists, turns and name changes, Either Side of 55 is a reflection of a period of the author's life, and offers insight into the lives of the men who blazed survey lines and staked and jumped claims on both sides of the 55th Parallel in the quest for mineral riches for themselves and their employers.
10/18/2015 08:59 EDT
Chris Bacon/PA Wire

How Mandela Shaped My Response to Discrimination

When I moved to Canada from South Africa I thought living in this country had opportunities that people in other places could only dream of. However now I know it's not without its own problems. In my years here, I've been told three times to "go back home," was informed by a major national daily newspaper they couldn't hire me because I didn't have Canadian experience and was rudely told by a well-known tire company employee that "In this country, we pay taxes." I have used lessons from Madiba to fight injustice. My stories pale in to insignificance compared to what others experienced in our own backyard.
12/16/2013 12:01 EST