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Rémi Francœur

Former U.S. political consultant

Rémi Francoeur was born and grew up in New England where he was a political consultant for over ten years. He now lives in Montreal.

CBC's 'The Story Of Us' Forgot About Canadians Like Me

Watching the CBC's 10-part television series Canada: The Story Of Us had me figuratively scratching my head. It left me flabbergasted and astounded. Critics have decried the series' anglo-centric slant on history. Respect should come from all sides, beginning with cordiality, recognition and representation.
04/13/2017 09:05 EDT
Kamil Krzaczynski / Reuters

Trump Says He Loves Canada, But Does He Really?

Trump, a profound nationalist, is often described as an isolationist with regards to his foreign policies, namely his strong opposition to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). This in particular would greatly affect Canada in terms of trade policy, jobs, unions, a large part of the Canadian economy, even the exchange rate if he were to actually win in the general election this November.
05/02/2016 02:46 EDT