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Rob Mitchell

A Father of four and husband to one. A believer that Music is Medicine. A nocturnal musician and artist. Follow my blog for posts on music.

I am a 38 year old educator with a passion for the arts. I am a music junkie who eats and sleeps all things rock (1950-present). I have a wonderful wife and four amazing children. In my free time I play guitar, read, listen to vinyl, attempt to become a better person on a daily basis and write about things that matter most to me.
Presently this includes music - reflecting on albums, artists and experiences that have affected my life.
I am also presently completing a memoir on pregnancy for the male readers - a comedic look at the birthing process filled with first hand stories, pop culture connections and far too many Quinton Tarantino references.
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Coffee with Old Friends

A recent interview on the Podcast 'Bullseye' focused in aging, the passage of time and our perceptions on the world during various points in our lives. The guest was Ethan Hawke and the discussion ste...
03/11/2015 04:11 EDT

40 Years Later, I Still Love Saturday Night Live

The fact is that these skits, commercials and musical performances have been there for many of us, our entire lives. Saturday Night Live, in its various mutations, has run parallel to all of our life changes. It represents a constant in this world of disposable stars and deplorable excuses for what we call "entertainment."
02/16/2015 01:55 EST

Feeling Blue Again With Weezer's Latest Album

With the release of Weezer's latest album Everything Will Be Alright In The End, I decided to take a moment to reflect upon what an important role the band Weezer, and more specifically their debut Blue Album, has played in my musical landscape for the past 20 years.
10/23/2014 10:04 EDT

Axl Rose Has the Greatest Vocal Range in Rock

Give a Guns tune a listen in there very near future. Turn it up and realize why this list is not flawed. Recognize the truth Axl gives these tunes, no matter if some will write them off as cheesy, schlock rock.
07/25/2014 04:58 EDT
C Flanigan via Getty Images

Yer So Good -- A Track by Track Break Down of the Greatest Road Trip Album

From Track One we learn right away that Tom Petty's mantra for this album is to "keep it simple." Like the minimalist guitar solo in U2′s With or Without You, Full Moon Fever starts with the simple chords of (what will soon be the albums biggest hit) Free Falling. In the first few lines of Free Falling we know the story's protagonist like we know our next-door neighbour. We see their public persona, but don't know their inner anguish.
07/18/2014 05:09 EDT
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

When and Why It's Crucial That You Form a Band

If you messed up that guitar solo you've been working on or you busted your ass on some decrepit stage only to receive a payment of a burger and two drink tickets, remember; you have had the opportunity to 'hang out' with good friends and hopefully, dare I say it, have a fun. Days move fast, changes happen quick and in no time you will be at a job, shirt tucked in your freshly pressed khakis.
07/09/2014 05:51 EDT

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Bob Seger

In the years I spent with musical blinders on I placed Bob Seger in a category of three artists that I could not stand for various reasons. This list was as follows (now remember, before you react with the staple response of "How do you not like....?!" I will show you how time has altered my opinions on said artists).
06/27/2014 02:15 EDT

Twisted Sisters -- A Mix Tape for my Future Daughters

As you are presently kick and shift in your Mother's belly as the title of a kick-ass Nirvana album, I would like to present you with the first of many mix tapes your Papa plans to make for you. This one will have a running theme of strong, intelligent women who have written (in my humble opinion) some of the most powerful songs.
06/26/2014 10:03 EDT
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The Act of Listening's Changed Since Music Went Digital

Access to any song or artist is at the tip of our fingers and we can inform our friends on our interests and likes by sending a link. But with records, we shared the experience. We owned said album and we lent it to a friend to also enjoy; or other times, we would listen to the album together!
06/24/2014 05:33 EDT