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Robin Pacific

Artist, writer and Spiritual Director. Currently working on a series of art projects with, and in support of, garment workers in Bangladesh.

Robin Pacific
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Robin Pacific's work has spanned thirty years and a wide variety of media. She has produced artworks encompassing painting, drawing, video, installation, performance, and numerous community based collaborations.

She is currently working on The FAST Campaign, a series of art projects with, and in support of, garment workers in Bangladesh, culminating in a consumer campaign for FAIR living wage, ADULT labour only, SAFE working conditions and paid overTIME.

In 2013 Robin completed a Masters in Theological Studies at Regis College in the Toronto School of Theology, and currently has a one-day-a-week practice as a Spiritual Director.

She also holds a PhD in English Literature from York University.
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We Are Using Art to Demand Ethical Labour for Bangladeshi Garment Workers

In Dhaka and other big production centres, the garment workers have a measure of economic autonomy, often the sole support of their families. They want to keep their jobs. They want us to keep buying the clothes they make. They have never called for a boycott. What they want to change is their poor wages and despicably unsafe working condition. And thus was born The FAST Campaign a series of art projects leading to consumer activism -- a demand for a FAIR living wage; ADULT labour only, SAFE working conditions, and no unpaid over-TIME.
05/04/2015 05:26 EDT